Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
May 29, 2017

National cake of corruption shared by vultures in human skin
The hypocritical actions carried out and completed by the - Abuja politicians some few days back over the sham dubbed "Biafra 50 years after the war" was merely stage-managed which lacks no meaning and bearing points; hence worths not arguing about by the revolutionary Biafran youths.

Nigeria fought a genocidal war against the Biafrans to which after so many donkey years refused to honor the spirit of those innocent people that they killed by the combined forces of Russia, Egypt, Britain and Ethiopia; till this moment we cannot fathom or come to reasonable conclusion to make out meaning over this meaningless event that they Abuja politicians had.

Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo vowed that the issue of Biafra was buried, dead and gone when in one of his callous statements to the press called the revolutionary Biafran youths miscreants without any means of livelihood; we at IPOB now wonder why Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo one among the war criminals has now reneged from his previous statement and ask Nigerians to beg Biafrans and Biafra from leaving Nigeria.

Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo was an active participant who commanded the third marine commando when Adekunle Benjamin known as the "Black Scorpion" was relieved of his duty that saw the killing of the Biafrans between 1967-1970; what Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo the war criminal displayed in that concluded event can be attributed to defending the interest of one sided only being Nigeria "ex parte" which in all clarity exposed his intent of calling the revolutionary Biafran youths miscreants that needed crumble from them to stop agitating to which he make inference as sharing the Nigeria cake.

So, Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo and his war mongers, the war criminals killed Biafrans because of the Nigeria cake which they denied giving to them since the war ended and now think or deem it fit that the Nigeria cake should be given to the Biafrans to make them feel and enjoy his one Nigeria which is a failed state to us. Did Obasanjo mean to tell us that we were killed because of ordinary Nigeria cake as the Nigeria cake is more paramount over human lives that they wasted.

Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo messages can be understood to mean that Biafrans are hungry which when given the God-forbidden cake from masters table, will appease the gods. Olusegun Obasanjo the con-artist was so quick to cast slanders on Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu's blessed memory but forget to admit that after the war he and his military colleagues shared the Nigeria government portfolios amongst themselves and left the Biafran people to live in abject poverty, misery and penury.

For the purpose of record the "otta farm" was Nigeria farm project carved out for feeding the Nation, which this war criminal Obasanjo coveted and converted to be his personal farm project. Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo siphoned the Nigeria treasury and introduced Austerity Measures which could not yield any meaningful development in Nigeria as a failed state. TY Danjuma was settled with oil blocks for betraying his boss and the rest of them holding one powerful position or another thereby subjugated the Biafrans.

Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo should note that his one Nigeria has reached its peak "nec plus ultra" and cannot be fixed or adjusted to accommodate the people of Biafra whom they never care to carry along with them since the war ended. Obasanjo as a military dictator and civilian President was second in rank in killing of Biafrans en mass followed by Hitler Mohammadu Buhari who is hell bent to kill and Islamize Biafrans.

The cake which Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo the war criminal and devil's incarnate calling on Biafrans to come and have a share of, forgets to tell the world the truth that the so called cake comes from the land of the rising sun; so to ask between the Biafrans and Obasanjo who do you think should beg each other for crumbles!

I have assessed the bruteness in the speech credited to Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo and found out that it was a mere lip service talk embedded in corruption which is set to cause distraction among Biafrans; Obasanjo and his Abuja politicians should know that the case for Biafra restoration is "sine qua non" indispensable, and cannot be whisked away because of the unnecessary Nigeria cake which is corruption.

We make bold to warn Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo the war criminal over his illogical statement " non sequitur" and his fellow military colleagues who parade themselves as elder statemen that judgment day is near than expected and if the only option they give to us to restore our inheritance (Biafra) is by war let them have it in mind that every living thing in Nigeria will perish, we have sworn an oath to restore Biafra or we die with Nigeria.

We are not interested a bit in sharing the Nigeria cake with the war criminals Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo and others at large as this is the height of betrayal to our comrades who had lost their lives since 1967-2017. To us this is not a welcome development and cannot be entertained by the rank and file of the indigenous people of Biafra.

To us it remains; Biafra or Death.

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