By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
May 28, 2017

On 30th May, we remember them; those that died to keep us save
The type of courage, over zealousness and dedication I see in Biafrans is so encouraging. The Biafra case has become our case and like the Israelites of old, we all have determined to leave Egypt, en route to the promise Land. They have not in anyway seen the red sea as a stumbling block, knowing fully well that their is nothing a determined people can't achieve. But unfortunately, some are held down by the lies of the enemy.

Our work here is to separate lies from truth and throw it back to those lying people of Nigeria. You should all know that it wasn't peace that kept Nigeria as one today, but lies, killing, murdering, subjugation, terrorism, nepotism, tribalism and corruption. The reported lynching of an Igbo man in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria two days ago, is a clear example of the killing that keeps Nigeria together. His offense was urinating somewhere that his Muslim assailants thought close to the Mosque. One wonders how we ended up becoming one with such a people who reason in such a barbaric way.

Is it not funny that after all these atrocities in the North, these people still lie to you that they are peaceful and you believe them. They even tell you how you don't love yourselves and you believe them too. If people that doesn't fight themselves, doesn't kill themselves, nor bomb each other doesn't love themselves, is it those that detonate bomb per second billing that love themselves? So you believe that Chief Okeke who found riches in a faraway place, went back to the village, brought some boys and transform them into akụnatakasi doesn't love themselves. Maybe love has gotten another meaning in Nigeria, just as integrity saw Buhari and changed it's meaning.

Biafra will be another South Sudan and you believed them? And this is coming from an HausaFulani whom his Fulani people has killed more than 800 people in southern Kaduna and more than 1000 in Agatu. And many more in other places. You think am lying, use your Google.

Tell me what is different from South Sudan and northern Nigeria, yet you believe them. Rich people in Igbo land don't care about their people, and you believe them.

Someone that has more than 10million out of school children, with others that have turned illiterate fathers is telling you this rubbish, and you are believing them. Not minding that they have ruled this nation for more than forty years, yet they sleep and wake up with poverty.

Make no mistake about it, Biafra will be ever peaceful just as they have maintained Peace for ages. It's the North who has become worse than South Sudan that has something real to worry about.

So its time you discard those lies told by the enemies of the people of God and embrace the Truth. Use 30th may to think about these things and you will know how blessed we will be in the Land of the yellow sun.

Am Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi trying to make irrelevant things relevant.

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