By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
April 26, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
I am not blind; I have read the conditions and everything attached to the bail, I know how stringent they are but I am still of the opinion that the Court should not be neglected or disobeyed. The bail granted to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is his right and hence there is an issue of Court contempt or negligence from the other party, Nnamdi Kanu must not go through that path. The Court must not be neglected and it starts by adhering to the ruling on bail application.

Do no grant interviews; do not stay with more than ten people, do not travel by air, all these can be relaxed afterwards. Hence the conditions did not involve do not agitate for Biafra, do not talk on Radio Biafra, I strongly believe it can be managed while relaxing it is pursued. Going further, if this bail shall be rejected, it must be done according to law and not on the pages of newspaper, which is by means of appealing for relaxed bail condition.

I am not a legal luminary but I am very much aware that no matter the reason one may have; neglecting or rejecting the order of a Court always have a way of coming back to oneself. Reactions are trailing the ruling already but I have only seen emotionally driven reactions and not a well-thought-out ones. Most people have abruptly waded into the matter without sufficient thought or analysis; what can actually justify rejecting a Court order without due process?

Shortly after Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest; a Federal High Court presided over by Justice Ademola granted him bail and the Federal Government of Nigeria flouted the order. The reasons for neglecting the Court order came afterwards when Muhammadu Buhari openly said that he would not allow any Court to grant him bail because he has committed grave crimes. The world and the people of Biafra shouted fowl and ultimately attacked Nigerian judiciary and the administration of Muhammadu Buhari. Now there is another ruling and one that previously attacked the federal government for disobeying or neglecting a Court order is moving in that same direction. I completely oppose this as a keen observer; rejecting the order without legal due process is null.

I have not seen the reason Nnamdi Kanu should be urged to flout or neglect a Court ruling; there is the need to be smart and strategic. Rejecting a Court ruling as Muhammadu Buhari rejected places the people of Biafra on same horizon with him. The Indigenous People of Biafra must meet the bail conditions as stipulated by the law and ensure that her leader enjoys his bail while other things come later. There must be no room for flouting Court order from IPOB because they are lawful society even as everything must follow due process.

While the order of the Court that Nnamdi Kanu should leave the walls of Kuje Prison is existing with the knowledge that the Court cited health issues; and should Kanu reject such order, who would be held responsible in the event of illness resulting to damages or God forbid death? The people of Biafra must sit down before taking the decision of rejecting a ruling of a Court of competent jurisdiction.

The conditions of bail might be too harsh but there is room for relaxation afterwards; a step is taken before another is correctly made. In a complicated matter such as this; the Indigenous People of Biafra must first of all take out anything that would bring them close to contempt of the Court which the Nigerian government has destroyed her image with. This effort to remain clean before the law starts with obeying the order of a competent of Court of jurisdiction, no matter how severe or inconvenient it may be.

Finally; I urge the counsel to the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra to seek for a way to relax such stringent bail conditions. Legal process takes time and that is the patience that must be exercised by the people of Biafra. The trial Judge has goofed but this could be a game plan to faulting the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra that he made a ruling and his ruling was rejected. This will also give the federal government a platform to further reject rulings. If the Indigenous People of Biafra shall reject this ruling; let it be lawfully rejected by means of appeal and not rejected on the pages of news paper.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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  1. I stand to disagree with you Chinwe. First, The bail conditions that was given are illegal and must not be obey because IPOB is a legal org. Secondly, you used the term 'Competent court of jurisdiction' but I stand to oppose that; Injustice Nyako was said that: This court is mine and I must do whatever thing I like. Thirdly, Nnamdi Kanu should never abandon his men in the prison no matter what!!. Lastly, the whole World is now aware of the Injustices meted to our leader and IPOB in general and should know that should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, then Biafrans should take their destiny in their hands (WAR).

    We should never beg or twist for our right no matter how tough it looks. @EmmaNworie