By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
April 26, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader being congratulated by Biafrans in court
This Justice Binta Nyako; what law school did she graduate from? This question became very crucial because the trial Judge seems to have lost her senses. I would once again argue that she may have graduated through the back door; giving lecturers everything they demanded. On the second thought; she could be a product of Nigerian quota-system style of appointment. Justice Binta Nyako keeps goofing like a wayward girl that doesn’t know the very masters’ house she left her pants.

Many people have argued that she knows what she is doing but because she is a puppet; she can’t dispense justice or try the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra accordingly. I have taken time to ask myself; if this is the case, why would she allow her legal personality to be battered this much? A matter of such international awareness; must she be the scapegoat? If Buhari is ready to continue to disgrace Nigerian judiciary; why not step aside for the emperor to flourish in his tyranny?

If she and her master are tired of detaining Nnamdi Kanu; they should kindly allow him to go but if they are not tired, they should equally hold him. What kind of bail conditions is that thoughtless wench talking about? Where in this part of the world is such bail obtainable? She keeps goofing and making mess of everything she stands for. Dead judiciary coupled with a quota-system Justice that is incapable of reason would always warrant such bail condition.

Nnamdi Kanu will not eat rice, he would not use bournvita but only milo tea, and he would not sleep in his house but only in a hotel. He would not sleep with his wife because he would whisper Biafra to her; he would not see the crowd coming everyday in solidarity to him, he would not sit when people visit his palace for traditional meeting. He would not visit his home in London; he must forfeit it because he asked for Biafra. He must start quarrelling with journalists to avoid him responding to their greetings; he must not sit down anywhere his extended families are because Justice Binta ordered that.

The thunder that will blow away dictatorship is still warming up and the fire of the masses that would burn down idiocy is still warming up. Justice Binta Nyako is simply out of her senses; Nigeria may be backward and animalistic but Nnamdi Kanu is too educated to be a monkey or baboon. Justice Binta Nyako is just a little thing away from being a god simply because she occupies a legal position in a lawless country.

She can equally go to hell with her conditions because the people of Biafra are human beings and can solve their problems. She should take more Indian hemp and talk without constrain; it is grossly annoying that she has no shame or legacy to protect or build. The bail condition contravenes human rights but the Indigenous People of Biafra must take positives out of it. The conditions must be relaxed and it should be pursued legally while Kanu sees to his health

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