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April 26, 2017

With the on-goings so far at Federal High Court - Abuja within Justice Nyako court yard, one do not need to seek for the wisdom of a seer or soothsayer to interpret the witticism, the willingness in this baised and unrepentant Judge to keep Nnamdi Kanu under probation following the bail conditions proclaimed by her.

Recall that two Justices of the same Federal High Court - Abuja had granted Nnamdi Kanu unconditional release to which Rtd. General Mohammadu Buhari disobeyed the court resulting to contempt of court order before this same court.

Did Justice Binta Nyako study the Nigeria constitution very well to know that the Nigeria 1999 constitution uphold freedom of expression, assembly and association and a Judge of the Nigeria Federation ruled against the tenets and norms to which the Nigeria constitution she is using to moderate on this case?

Also recall that when the counsel to the accused moved motion for Nnamdi Kanu to be released on health challenges, it was turned down by this biased Judge on the premise that Nnamdi Kanu will jump bail; Justice Binta Nyako insisted that the trial of the accused must be ensued; the current agitation by the Indigenous people of Biafra was that Sharia law should not be applicable to Nnamdi Kanu's court case in a common law court which Justice Binta Nyako in her insistence made a ruling to that effect that Sharia law will be applied to Nnamdi Kanu's court case.

Let us all assumed that the trial of the accused has started as bordering on criminal charges, so what has Justice Binta Nyako seen so far to warrant  her passed out such a bail conditions to a man that she was unable to find guilty before her court room. There is a spark of passion in this woman to cage Nnamdi Kanu with this proscribe and unbailable conditions.

Is Justice Binta Nyako using injustice as a fine tune for justice to reprimand Nnamdi Kanu in prison with the term that Nnamdi Kanu failed to meet up with his bail conditions? Is Justice Binta Nyako rightly saying that Nnamdi Kanu can no longer see his family members as to freedom of expression, assembly and association?  Can Justice Binta Nyako in her kangaroo court room tell us what crime Nnamdi Kanu has committed to warrant keeping him in total solitude?

Discerning minds should ask why would a Judge revoked her own pronouncements that she would not grant Nnamdi Kanu bail on health issues after so long that she has perfected and started trial of the accused to warrant granting the accused bail on conditions when nothing has been said that he committed.

I strongly believe that Justice Binta Nyako partially granted Nnamdi Kanu release conditionally to avoid ECOWAS court from humiliating Nigeria before the rest of the world; noble men and women in the judiciary will be absolute in agreement with their learned council that Justice Binta Nyako has grossly violated the ethos and ethics of the professional legal body which in every honesty demand that her operating license be revoked by the Nigeria Judiciary Council.

Pen scribes are also in agreement that Justice Binta Nyako was biased in all ramifications which portend a danger to the judiciary and to the face of justice. In the light of damning evidence before the court that Federal Government of Nigeria being the prosecutor has failed to live up to expectations as charged in their case, Justice Binta Nyako suddenly passed out stringent bail conditions to impress Mohammadu Buhari that the Federal Government of Nigeria is still holding Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB at ransom.

In my view; Justice Binta Nyako is not qualified enough and well informed on the issue she is handling before her, the very charges that would have even demand for these bail conditions has been quashed by this honorable court so why releasing him on conditions when even in Justice Binta Nyako' verdict proclaimed IPOB a lawful society.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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