February 25, 2017

Sabbath; Keep the Sabbath Day Holy
Today’s caption is derived from the very argument or contribution which a good friend of mine shared with me. For the fact there is avenue for contribution and debate; it makes this column worth total participation. Comrade Ifeanyichukwu Ezeh, popularly known as Anyi Kings quoted “But salvation is completely freedom from sin, freedom from all types of societal ills and freedom from both religious slavery and bondage”. He further said that what Nnamdi Kanu is doing today is equivalent to what the Son of Mary did during his time.

Religion especially now that it has been denominationalized and commercialized by human being; is a system mapped out by a group of people or an individual in the best way they think better to worship God. Which mighty be on top of sin. Little wonder religious practices are everywhere and every individual has his or her own to protect; while abomination keeps spreading. But salvation is completely freedom from sin and freedom from all type of societal ills and freedom from both religious slavery and bondages. Jesus christ (Yahweheshua) when he was in this world never preached religion or propagate religion. Rather he was against the only two religious group that was available then been the Pharisees and Sadducees. He chastised them. Tabling their sins to their faces just as our leader Nnamdi Kanu is doing to our so-called elites in Biafra land and the zoo gov't with its owners the British government.

Yahweheshua came in to this world to propagate salvation to the world not religion. Salvation when received, you shall be totally free from sin and all other immorality. You will be free from selfish service to selfless service to mankind just like what we the family of IPOB under our upright leader Nnamdi Kanu is doing now; sacrificing all to liberate ourselves and our people from the British and Islamic religious and political slavery.

Let me start by countering everything contained in the New Testament because that is the basis of the problem we have today which is religion. “Old things have not passed away and cannot pass away” I am authoritatively saying this because Chukwu Okike Abiama- that God of Abraham and Moses is unchangeable God. By virtue of old things passing away and behold everything made new simply contradicts the nature of my God who remaineth the same yesterday, today and forever. He can never change and nothing- even the passing away of heaven and earth will make him change from old to new. He is ancient of days; he is same from creation and his word never changes. If that God suddenly came after two thousand years and changed his words, I doubt the authenticity of that God to be Chukwu Okike Abiama.

When Constantine of Rome made Christianity official religion; he had a plan and that plan was having seen that Christianity is spreading; he wanted to foster slavery or loyalty with it. By means of making Christianity official religion; he can extend his world rule and even make his conquest easier. This was what brought about the various changes from Sabbath to being Saturday to Sunday being the days of the Sun-God. Constantine hijacked the true worship of God and implanted idol worship-Roman Indigenous religion which later spread throughout the world. We are all victims of religious slavery; the New Testament came and the ways of Abraham, David, Moses- our fore fathers were abandoned thus we followed the new way. We have betrayed our heritage and this is the reason we shall remain in slavery but if we shall come back to God- Creation Himself, we shall be free and that is what Biafra under the leadership of great Nnamdi Kanu stands for.

What has this religion done to us? It has taken away our identity and given us a new one; it took our pride and position and gave us death. How can we continue to die and show our other side of the cheek to die more? If you are slapped show the other cheek; if you are killed, bring your daughter to be killed and pray fervently, God will judge everything. They denied us our heritage; had we embraced the way of our forefather-David whom God fortified and he fought against the enemies of the children of God; but today religious doctrine has exposed us to danger and left us losers; they raise their swords against the children of David and slaughter them because they left the way of their forefathers to follow the new way of idol worshipers that came in the name of Creation.

Salvation is everything we need and not religion; we need the simple truth being preached by this generation. The simple difference between religion and salvation is; religion portrays to bring you to God is a designated way even when not tested. The dangerous aspect of this religion is that we are doctrinized from birth and it makes it harder to embrace truth. Religion brings limitation to righteousness and the real identity of God. Salvation is the acceptance of tested truth; acceptance of reason and acceptance of freedom. We must be free and worship our God; our forefathers are not fools to have worshipped Okike. Until we accept salvation and forbid religion; we shall continue to suffer in strange land.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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