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February 25, 2017

Lai Mohammed; Minister of lies
Lai  Mohammed did not failed to be a scumbag when it comes to National opinion and doing things right within the armbit of law, he always like his personal mindset to becloud his sense of reasoning. It is imperative to put this piece together against his many unguided statements.

His latest bigotry was trying to measure the indigenous people of Biafra; who are simply propagating the message of truth to the civilized; saying they are a threat to the nation. He was quoted as saying "Biafra group fake news poses more threat than insurgency and militancy in the country". Be proceeding in educating this minister of (mis)information and atrocities; it will be wise to reassert the Late ChukwuEmeka Ojukwu assertion during the Biafra surviving war that goes thus; "We make no apology of the social phenomenon known as the Biafra revolution rather we proclaim with pride the inevitability of our struggle".

Lai  Mohammed; are you surprised that information is key to life and Biafrans are domineering the space that your Islamic govt. can not continue to kill them in silence without them voicing out and telling the world what the people of Biafra are passing through in Nigeria for asking for self determination through a referendum process! The message Ojukwu passes there was: "it was as a result of us Biafrans not telling our stories by ourselves that the world did not hear much about our struggle to survive in the face of ethnic extermination".

As the Chief Parrot of Nigeria you have failed woefully to give a concise introspect while the Nigerian economy is in a steady recession and dwindling into hardship resulting to the masses committing self-murder created by the government you are part of

Lai Mohammed has chosen to be a "Public disgrace" in his (dis)honorable position by always dishing out so many unfathomable lies and feeding them to the gullible masses and the civilize world. These insensitive acts are done just to remain relevant but in reality, the masses can dictate the tune of your lies by themselves; and the Nigeria government you present as saint to the world keeps been gallopingly exposed of its atrocities by the Biafran people.

It could be remembered vividly; during the Yar'adua death saga, Lai Mohammed then as a card-carrying member of Action Congress; an Oduduwa political party said " It is the right of the Nigerian masses to know the state of health and wellbeing of the President that govern them". Lai Mohammed championed the cause as other gullible Nigerians followed him sheepishly to demand for Yar'adua's whereabout; but today one is lost in the Atlantic as you Lai Mohammed reversed this same statement on General Mohammadu Buhari whose government you head the information affairs.

Lai Mohammed is a man who is known to be subtle as a snake and has contradicted his stands on general views and opinions; he ignorantly out of party euphoria informed the world and Nigerians that the Nigerian military had "technically" defeated the dread Boko Haram sect; but little did we know all was in a move to gain international commendations using this false precinct; whereas in reality the military were always seen on record scouting for safety whenever they come in contact with the sect.

Lai Mohammed forgets to imbibe we are in a democracy and not a totalitarian rule. The Indigenous People of Biafra are free to uphold the tenets of democracy which solely relied on sound criticism of the govt; IPOB are not group(s) rather the indigenous people that owns the area known as Biafra and as group can only come out from the people not the people coming out from group; first that is an insight given to clear the grounds that IPOB news are not fake rather the Nigeria govt is the one faking everything about a people known as Biafrans.

A sound democracy upholds the freedom of expression, information, speech, protest, assembly and association and IPOB is upholding these norms as indigenous people forced into amalgamation by the British government; IPOB's gatherings are not an arm rebellion against the Nigeria government. Knowing all these as fact, it would be appropriate to ask 'Lie' Mohammed how then no international community has ever certify IPOB as a terror organization that can warrant it termed threat to the country Nigeria as Mohammed is speculating?

Are they a threat because the Nigeria government under tyrant Buhari is killing them enmass and no Nigeria media house is reporting it and they choose to do so by themselves? Would Lai Mohammed pray that his wife be given birth to a dumb and mental deranged baby who cannot tell when things are bothering him or her?
Would Lai Mohammed keep mum if the military kill his family members because he is in the same government? Will Lai Mohammed not wish to express his heart-felt anguish if such incident is to occur in his family circle? I leave Lai Mohammed to his conscience to decipher what is good and bad.

One would wonder where Lai Mohammed got his own version of law that he assimilated to mean threatening the country because members of the indigenous people of Biafra demands for a referendum to exit from Nigeria in peace; could Lai Mohammed tell the world with prove where IPOB had engaged the Nigeria Military in warfare armed to the teeth to warrant it been compared as threatening Nigeria like Boko haram and the terrorist Fulani herders are doing without the government fighting them back!

It is most unfortunate that Lai Mohammed has decided to bequeath his generation born and unborn with the sceptre of lies which he is known for.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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