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Feb 26 2017 Edition; WEEKLY DIGEST
This week remains a strategic week as the Court ruling to determine if Prima Facie is established or not on the case of Nnamdi Kanu- the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is on the table. This is happening under the command of Yemi Osibanjo who is believed to be more accurate than his boss. The quote by the Nigerian acting president makes our signature headline. He quoted “We need leaders with universal sense of justice and honesty” a thing Buhari lacks. We look to see how effective his position will pan out on 1st of March the ruling will be made.

Yerima has once more made it clear that Nigerian leadership position is the birthright of the Northern oligarchy. He is not hallucinating; he is serious and that is what it is, failure to accept it, Boko Haram sacks other regions. This contraption is the biggest disgrace in the history of humanity; when uneducated bigots lead men of great destinies.

Nwodo is walking around Nigeria preaching a gospel of truth; but that is not enough for the people of Biafra Ohaneze leadership destroyed. The people need more than words to put back their trust or mandate; as it stands, Ohaneze is dead and gone.

Nigerian government has cowardly denied killing Biafrans on Trump’s inauguration day; Lai Muhammed has also lied as usual to buttress the claim, vampires and agents of blood sucking demon, IPOB disgraced them with facts and figures-evidence. They have pulled military option in Niger Delta part of Biafra; hopeless men that anchor their existence on bloodshed with murderous military.

Death everywhere; the Nigerian government officials are faced by death, who knows what has come upon them this time. Egypt never knew what was upon them till they were drowned in the red sea; while Buhari is at the verge, Lalong’s deputy Chief of staff has kicked his own bucket.

Disobedience to Court orders is the order of the day in this government of ‘chanji’ that is the chanji helpless Nigerians voted for. Abuse of everything sacred, abuse of offices and changing of bribery to gift, they are what became of this certificate-less government. Even Rivers CP and Attorney General wouldn’t respect Court order to release detained pro-Trump Biafrans.

Some people suddenly woke up and decided to support a political party in what I described as commercializing Biafra. IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that commands the people of Biafra has distanced itself from such sabotage.

A report has been established that prominent Northern men are pressuring the military to free Boko Haram terrorists detained; but fighting so hard to kill or jail Nnamdi Kanu. This is the level of hatred in one Nigeria and when Biafrans demand exit; someone rants like a wayward girl.

Shehu Sani is criticizing El Rufai and the latter has threatened him that his Fulani herdsmen boys will beat him up. Ekweremmadu also criticized Buhari’s inability to fix Nigerian currency; he was threatened with exit from the Senate chamber. This is Nigeria and the regime of ‘chanji’ hopeless contraption without any hope of moving forward.

In the week; Nigeria was officially declared world’s most corrupt country and also the most dangerous place for Christians to live. What else can they win if not negative things; Nigeria needs total dismantling for Africa to see the light of civilization.

Finance Ministry excluded southeast from #30Bn infrastructure loan; this is not news from Authority news. Biafra land from Bayelsa to Anambra- purely not part of Nigeria and under slavery.

Falz said he was treated like a criminal when he traveled to Kenya; if we tell him that being a Nigerian is being a criminal, he would rant. IPOB will continue to destroy Nigeria with truth until they leave Biafrans alone.

Stay next week with us on this column; total dismantling of this contraption is a task we must fulfill. If they won’t sit down and talk; release Nnamdi Kanu and address this agitation, not only shall we destroy the contraption but everything therein.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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