By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 22, 2017

Biafrans joyfully waiting for their country; Biafra
I have simply come to the realization that Biafra agitation is a divine assignment and any one not divinely called to restore this kingdom of God on earth falters along the line. For so long a time when this agitation started; ambitious men have done their best for decades to restore Biafra but could not achieve anything, but when Nnamdi Kanu, a man chosen by God ventured into the agitation for God’s kingdom, lo and behold, within two years Biafra is here with us. Nobody can now doubt the restoration of Biafra because come rain or sunshine, Biafra must be restored sooner than expected.

Now they have come with a new approach; the gluttons have turned to UPP, from freedom fighters to politicians; their defense is simply that they are political freedom fighters, they are not demanding sovereignty or self-rule but political quota. They are blinded to the spiritual details of Biafra restoration; they thought it is a political affair where they can fight and gain and eat. They are gluttons who don’t mind any other thing but their stomach and taste. UPP will give them Biafra; the political agreement has been reached to deviate from Biafra, the agreement made by three octogenarians and not by the Indigenous People of Biafra. It is very good that they made this decision; this will disgrace them further and show the world that only one man commands over 70 million Biafrans. They have come up with their UPP; watch how Biafrans will respond, they will know that Biafrans are fanatical about their nation and have nothing to do with Nigeria or her politics.

These people have no respect for Indigenous People of Biafra; after sleeping each morning, they wake up and say anything they dreamt. How could they wake up and discuss with a political party and look to take advantage of us. We are being taken for granted by octogenarians that failed to play fatherly role but instead steal our future. I trust the Indigenous People of Biafra who have chosen Nnamdi Kanu as their unquestionable leader. Not even using the name IPOB to play Nigerian politics will affect the resoluteness of our people. They will know what we are made up of when the time comes; the time that UPP will get zero votes in any election in their destiny killing contraption called Nigeria. The time will come; when we will tell the world who is IPOB or who commands the people of Biafra, they have thrown their fake identity to the public and hopefully with this, they will talk no more.

Some men have chosen to remain in Biafra agitation even when they don’t have the divine or people’s mandate and that has practically turned them into gluttons. They enrich their pockets with Biafra agitation and pounce on any opportunity they see to become richer or gain influence. They have a systematic way of going about all these; either secretly or defensively. They defend their moves without reason; either they tell you that supporting a certain politician will restore Biafra or a particular political party will restore Biafra. They seriously don’t have a plan or road map to Biafra; they are more concerned about feeding and serving their taste.

It has been established long time ago that Biafra shall face oppositions and these gluttons are becoming the big challenge. There was never a time Biafra will smoothly sail; there would definitely be storm on the high sea. The ability to understand that this storm will calm is the key to sustaining the sail, some would jump into the sea and some lose hope but the chosen men shall persevere until Biafra is restored. The storm will soon calm and everything will be back to normal, the gluttons are jumping from one place to another like chattering monkeys but there is hope that they would eventually fall off the tree.

Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed everything and they are striving to take advantage of his sacrifice; they want to play politics with the lives of our heroes who died in Igweocha, Aba, Nkpor, Onitsha, etc. They are waiting to pounce on any opportunity to become Governors and continue with the corruption they can’t live without. They are savoring and they are monitoring; they have already established a political party and want to take advantage of IPOB galvanized and led by Nnmdi Kanu. They are shameless cowards who could not take the bull by the horn but only on the road side to snatch the fruit of our labour. We have lost so many lives; we have suffered immeasurable pains and marginalization, Biafra is our only hope and not political positions. For the sake of our comrades; Biafra shall be restored, let heaven destroy our existence any day we trade the lives of our heroes with political positions or political parties.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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