By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 21, 2017

It is very important that I note the exceptional feature in Yoruba race; the bravery of Femi Fani Kayode former Nigeria aviation minister and Fayose the governor of Ekiti State. They have lived beyond expectation and shown a level of bravery alien to Yoruba race. A Yoruba man would be silenced forever and can’t stand persecution; he would compromise and seek a better option, Kayode has shown he is not like the rest. A Yoruba governor would not muster the courage to stand his ground even when tomorrow is likely to be bleak, he doesn’t fight and sustain it but Fayose has shown he is not like the rest. His immunity will end someday and being a governor is not a protection to standing against evil that will definitely fight back. These two have not changed or betrayed their own battle; they have rather embraced it with everything they have.

Last month or thereabout; I received a video where a Yoruba man was praying and making incantations for Muhammadu Buhari to die so that his brother can assume power. I saw that as a stab at Muhammadu Buhari’s back but it appears like it is more than that. Biafrans got the opportunity to lead Nigeria for the first time when Yar'adua died but we never prayed for him to die, it happened so quick that evil did not grow in our hearts. We could have nursed the wish to see Yar'adua in the grave so our brother can take over but not to the extent of incantations, fasting and prayers. The deadly poison of the Yorubas comes when they sting at the crucial time. A time you thought you are with them and they find another road; they would quickly pour their deadly poison that extinguish you or leave you hapless.

We are all victims of what Britain made us; we are nothing but experiments designated to give a certain result. We have lost the human nature in us; the will to be truthful and straight forward. Britain created Nigeria in a way that truth and straight forwardness will only make you a loser and blaming men without conscience that filled Nigeria is one sided. We must stand firm to ensure the total dismantling of Nigeria as that is the only means to saving our future. Inability to do that will only lead to scrambling and destruction of the better parts of all of us due to greed and unending war to remain relevant or in a position of control. We steal everything because there is no love or nationhood; we see everything as business and that becomes the end of our future.

Yoruba is about stinging; their deadly poison well mustered, they would leave anybody that followed them or took them serious in the middle of the sea and sail away with the last ship. Just as the death rumor of Muhammadu Buhari is becoming slightly real or at worst incapacitation will be achieved; the Yorubas are already preparing her deadly poison. They were since clamoring for restructure without any opposition from their people but now Osibanjo is likely to take over, their message is changing. I read from a certain source that a Yoruba group is saying that to keep Nigeria one is what must be done. I also read from another source that Tinibu is warning agitators for restructure or exit that enough is enough. The news might not have gotten your attention but I am here to tell you that it is real. Their deadly poison is real and they would betray everything about restructure and start a new phase.

Nigeria as a contraption is such a hopeless entity; that one leader assumes power and the rest starts praying for his death. Nigeria as a country is more or less pressure set against pressure; they neither come together but keep fighting to occupy. Buhari as the president of Nigeria; he is leading with his people while others fight to bastardize his government. When Jonathan was in power; he was leading with his own people and even Buhari and the Northern elites ensured that his government was bastardized with Boko Haram. Yorubas; no matter how Jonathan tried to please them fought him tirelessly and assisted the North. The difference between the North and others is; they are blood thirsty and can waste millions of lives without pity, just to achieve ‘rulership’ of Nigeria.

Since the inception of Buhari’s government; there is no doubt that the country is economically ungovernable, the president has no plan or focus, there is hunger in the land and there is death. Nigeria has stopped functioning and everything is as dead as Buhari. Yorubas through her Apex group has been calling for the restructuring of Nigeria as the only solution to the problem of Nigeria. Since this call became the political focal point of Yoruba nation, nobody has ever faulted it or said otherwise. Each time Afanifere calls for restructure; Tinibu and other groups keep silent which indicates that they support the group and their call for restructuring. Then the world thought or rather knew that Yorubas are hell bent on restructure. The media has mocked the North so many times that they are disinclined to the restructuring of Nigeria while Yorubas and others are for it.

Would you blame the North when their own is in power; how would you expect them to leave milking Nigeria for trying to make it workable? Nigeria is a battlefield and the winner takes it all; when one wins, it is about sucking it dry while others fight to oust the winner. The reason North would rather die than be pro-restructure is because they are milking the country dry. The Yorubas that are the vice president are having a fair share as always but that has not stopped a call for restructuring from them because they would gain more in restructuring than the vice presidency slot they are currently holding. There is no doubt about the staunch hatred in Nigerian establishment and this establishment is crime against humanity.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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