By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 22, 2017

Biafrans brutally murdered and deformed with acid by Gen. Buhari's security agents
This is now a disturbing trend; Nigerian government has suddenly turned her attention to denial and accusations. If the government is not denying the prevalent massacre that was uploaded by Amnesty International and played every day on Biafra TV, they are accusing Amnesty International for interviewing staged men that confess to military aggression. If Lia Muhammed is not calling reports of massacre of Christians in Southern Kaduna a figment of imagination; he is calling substantial reports on massacre of Biafrans fake news. There is now an effort to conceal or deny everything because humanity maybe reacting to this barbarian military disposition. It beats my imagination that despite having pictorial and video evidences; Nigerian government still has the audacity to deny or accuse otherwise.

In 1967; this very strategy of concealing everything worked for them, while there was a war of genocide going on in Biafra, they told the world that there is no war but riot. They hijacked observers and took them to Lagos; of course schools were open and business going on fluently, if the State is in state of war, such can never be the case. There was total media blackout and the attention of the world could not be reached which subsequently ensured total war of genocide. Over 1.6 million children alone died, bombed and starved. Women and refugees were the primary target of the federal troops but until pictures of dying children surfaced, nobody knew what was happening.

The Nigerian government has switched strategy to achieve the same 1967 result on the genocide going on in Biafra and Christians. There is a deliberate effort to shift the attention of the world and twist reality. Nigeria has been lowered to animal kingdom due to lack of respect for human life and human right. It is imperative to put the world on notice - to know that Nigeria is perpetrating genocide and crimes against humanity, and are unchecked. Amnesty International is doing a great job to saving humanity in Nigeria because everything humanity has been fed to the dog. It is imperative to put the world on notice- to know that Christians are suffering immeasurably in Nigeria and Christians are Biafrans. It is imperative to put the world on notice- to know that there is a sustained genocide in Biafra. Children are made orphans and parents made childless; this is real and every effort to conceal this fact must be condemned.

However; this time is a different time, we have moved on from 1967 and known the power of media and social network ensured a global family. The world is no longer a far or distance place; we can see and hear the world right where we are. When genocide is committed; there is a phone that captures pictures and possibly videos and the world is aware of everything happening. There is a space that cannot be occupied again and that is the internet. Nigeria cannot go back to 1967 media blackout and their efforts to seize phones and conceal the atrocities they are passionate with have failed woefully. The people of Biafra always ensure total coverage of everything going on; then at the end, when the barbarians are questioned, they would know the monster they are.

Having seen that media blackout cannot work and neither can they occupy the space to letting the world know of the crimes against humanity that is a daily case in Nigeria, they have resorted to lies and accusations to cover their atrocities. It is shameful that despite the evidences against Nigerian government; there is still the face to deny, this simply is a case of dead conscience. Lai Muhammed as a Muslim would always defend the terrorism perpetrated by his Muslim brothers but one certain thing is truth cannot be covered. The world is not foolish neither is the world blind; when Muhmmed talks on the pages of news papers, the oppressed talk on their own pages, when he appears on the TV to defend terrorism, the victims of terrorism appear on their own TV with evidences, so I had advised Lia Muhammed to jettison misleading the world.

Nnamdi Kanu came prepared and the atrocities committed in Nigeria since 1966 must henceforth remain obvious. The world has the right to know what is happening in Nigeria because is part of it. This is not 1967 Gowon will come to one news paper and say everything is alright or send his minister of information to a TV station to say it is only riot that is going on in Biafra. This is a computer world that anyone that comes up to lie will be disgraced with facts and figures; as IPOB is already doing. This is a time that when you say there is no massacre going on in Biafra; video and pictorial evidences will be uploaded to ensure you are shamed. I had advised Nigerian government to stop being cowardly and face the implication of their acts.

There is power in the media and this is what Nnmdi Kanu is aware of long time before he began his agitation. Nigeria will only continue to disgrace itself by denying and tagging Amnesty International news a fake one and so on. Lai Muhammed as an Islamic monkey he is would beat his chest that he has deceived the world that Nigerian murderous security operatives are law abiding; but on the contrary, he is being laughed at and downgraded. The world after watching various videos of massacres of Biafrans (Christians) would only look at him and question the correctness of his brain.

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