By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 9, 2017

Amos Okon
Amos Okon is a Biafran from Ibibo who is today suffering tumor or cancer, although not yet diagnosed- as a result of poisonous tear gas canister that he was attacked with while on Biafra Heroes’ day at Nkpor. The massacre that drew international awareness left hundreds of Biafrans injured and Okon Amos is one. Biafra Reporters reported the case of Okon which was an avenue for his life to be saved hence it was deteriorating. In the report; we explicitly noted that his tumor or cancer as the case maybe started growing months after he was attacked.

Biafra Reporters carried out an investigation to know the reason he was not taken care of after the report; it has never occurred that after a report, a victim is yet allowed to suffer pains. IPOB ensures that all her victims are treated unless a case they are not aware. An investigation that was filled with controversies but was able to yield an answer ensured that Okon is left to suffer for inconsequential reasons.

After May 30th massacre; IPOB in each State took the record of their victims and diseased and the comprehensive list is used for their various treatments, diseased are also given proper burial. According to our investigation; anybody not listed on the book is considered safe. When IPOB contacted Igweocha IPOB, they confirmed that Okon’s name is not on their list, which stirred up controversies.

Biafra Reporters learnt that after Okon made his condition known to them; some elements questioned the authority he has to talk to IPOB media wing without consulting his coordinator first. His Sabbath group was also on his neck for informing the media while they were not informed. Biafra Reporters also learnt that some other persons have interest which might have stirred up issue. “Some persons who identified as journalists wanted to meet him; we told them to contact Ifeanyi Chijioke and they were angry” his handler said.

Our investigation noted that Igweocha media head, some elements and Okon’s Shabbath brethren accused him of faking his injury on the basis that he did not report the injury on that 30th May. “We know Okon; nothing was wrong with him after the protest, he did not complain anything, we suspect he got the injury elsewhere. We have hundreds of injured Biafrans and we have record of all of them. Okon should say the truth and once he does that; we can come in and help him, all we want from him is truth, he should not lie because we don’t lie in IPOB, we prohibit lies” Igweocha media head said to Biafra Reporters during our investigation.


When Biafra Reporters contacted Okon to ascertain the controversies behind his injury; he noted that he had had a successful surgery on the length side of his face and was okay until the Remembrance Day gathering in Nkpor. “I was attacked with tear gas on the day we went to Nkpor; and the tear gas touched my face, that same place I had surgery, I came back and started noticing pains. I did not bother to tell anybody except my mother; I thought it would stop but after a long time, boils started coming out and before I knew it, it was growing like cancer. That was why my name is not on their list; it did not happen immediately, it took long before it manifested” Okon explained.

Biafra Reporters learnt that some money was contributed for Okon by his coordinating unit but he took the money back to them and urged them to fight for Biafra with it. “I took the money back to them, I did not reject it, I wanted them to show me love and not give me money. They should call me and ask me how I am doing and come and see me. My only joy is that my Director Nnamdi Kanu has seen and heard of me. This my injury made me to be known by Nnamdi Kanu and that is everything I want, is enough for me even though I die” he joyfully said.

Biafra Reporters fought to see that Okon’s issue was addressed by IPOB leadership and not mismanaged by some people that go on fund raising which cannot solve the very problem. Okon’s issue needs attention and not contributing money that later goes into feeding, he needs his life back and not feeding. Money contribution will be a bad one; he needs capable hands to be taken care of but we could not ascertain if the money contributed for him was too poor or that he was optimistic to making sure he gets treated and not given money.

Biafra Reporters learnt that IPOB in Diaspora called an element in Igweocha that he wants to take care of Okon’s injury. Ifeanyichukwu Francis who spoke to Biafra Reporters confirmed that there was a call ‘of interest’ from abroad but could not state how it was handle. “Somebody called that he would take care of him but I will give further report when I know everything” he told Biafra Reporters but as at the time of filing this report; he could not report back.

When Okon’s handler Mrs Akpangbo was contacted; she fumed at the inconsistence and controversies surrounding Okon’s treatment and questioned the reason behind it. “Who is saying that his name was not listed but if he dies; they would come and bury him? Okon needs attention because his matter is deteriorating, the man is dying” his handler said and pleaded for intensified effort to settle everything stopping his treatment.

Biafra Reporters confirmed that Okon took active part in Donald Trump’s rally in spite of his injury “He took part and you cannot stop Okon; he doesn’t care about his injury, he goes to every protest, rally and IPOB activities” his handler told Biafra Reporters.

Every effort to get Igweocha media man and other elements to give accurate account to the coordinator of Igweocha for action was futile. IPOB leadership ordered a TV interview be granted Okon; a successful interview came with story of missing memory card in Igweocha as another round in being arranged. Controversies have marred the treatment of Okon and this medium is being used to solicit for executive order for Okon to be taken care of. Amos Okon from Ibibo is one of us and no matter the controversies surrounding his injury; it is not enough reason to allow him suffer.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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