By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 9, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
You need not to ask so much why ECOWAS hurriedly threatened Gambia with military action; the reason is not far-fetched, Gambia has two thousand soldiers, less population and less influence in ECOWAS. I don’t want you to misunderstand me; there was never a time I supported that Islamic dictator and I always wanted him out. I was arrogantly against the use of military force because African children deserve peace. Africa must learn to dialogue matters; sanction countries than always engage in military action. That is my position and that will always be my position in any matter, unless a situation gun is to meet gun. Constitution is secondary to Africa; all her leaders follow their emotions and instincts, the case of Gambia is prevalent in Nigeria, Gambia was a disrespect of the constitution, in Nigeria, constitution is not only disrespected but trampled.

As a senior Biafran journalist; it falls within my range to address arguments established by other writers anywhere they may be. I can understand the action- to lose confidence in ECOWAS court over what can be described as cowardice in handling Nnamdi Kanu’s matter. But I want you to think beyond the present situation; Africa as a whole lacks the fearlessness to administer justice. She lacks the will to fight corruption and that has bedeviled development. The barbarians seen in every nook and cranny of Africa is the reason this continent will never develop. The legal barbarians; political barbarians, barbarian leaders and barbarian institutions are reasons justice which brings development cannot settle in Africa. Illustratively, Donald Trump took a decent decision to protect Americans from terrorism and a court had the guts to stop an executive order and Trump obeyed. It occurred to me that Trump is the leader of the world; how much more a leader in Africa flouting court orders.

ECOWAS court is gripped by fear; under intense pressure, nothing but fear is behind the procrastination of Nnamdi Kanu’s matter before it. The court just gave notice of extension and positing that it would extend again. The only problem ECOWAS has is; Nigeria will lose the case and Nigeria is strongly against the ruling. If there was a little argument that could be used to nail Nnamdi Kanu; they would have used that and rule against him. What will the court do in a situation they can’t give what is wanted of them; they would definitely keep shying away from the matter, the court doesn’t want to offend anybody? It would be so disastrous for ECOWAS court with self determination charter it endorsed to rule against Nnamdi Kanu who has peacefully utilized every article contained in the 2007 UN charter on the rights of indigenous people. ECOWAS has a burden to shun Nigeria because Nigeria is the major source of finance and benchmark of the community.

One thing is very clear; history will expose ECOWAS court as a cowardly institution that could not stand its ground when its mettle was under test. ECOWAS court will be remembered as a court that is controlled by the big members of the establishment. It would be remembered for its cowardice and inability to defend human rights. Someday; the case of Nnamdi Kanu will come to an end and we will all look back and count corrupt and cowardly elements that failed humanity which ECOWAS will be among. I am very certain that ECOWAS would work to ensure it maintains its status of justice, I recalled Prof. Efobi Anthony from Greenwich University in London, reminding me that justices of ECOWAS court have never failed and I will look back and ask him, is he convinced?. Nigeria must not be allowed to dent the good image the community court had built over the years.

ECOWAS seems to bear a burden of giving Nigeria a Gambian treatment; the way ECOWAS rushed into Gambia without allowing the supreme court of Gambia to even rule on internal matter is alarming. A novice would commend ECOWAS for such intervention but would not know that there is another country that even refused to obey its order to release Dasuki. ECOWAS court ordered Nigeria to release Sambo Dasuki and Nigeria flouted the order; ECOWAS could not ask questions or even send delegates to urge Buhari to respect rule of law. They went as far as sending military hardware to Gambia to ensure constitution is obeyed, but never sent delegates to Nigeria where only constitution is not obeyed but ECOWAS constitution (Charter on the rights of indigenous people and human rights) flagrantly disobeyed.

The hypocrisy of ECOWAS in Gambia shows the lack of balance needed for a continent to move forward; you cannot rightly kill Gambia’s Jammeh for disobeying the constitution and spare Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria for disobeying same constitution even to the extent of disobeying ECOWAS constitution by virtue of the community court ruling on Dasuki. You cannot give Muhammadu Buhari a machete to chop off the head of Jammeh for the same offence he Muhammadu Buhari committed. This is a clear sign that Africa is not yet ready to move forward and be like other continents.

ECOWAS may look over the shoulder and say Nigeria is our source and great provider; her military is immense that we cannot stand her. She is so large that she is our front; let us give her favor but what about verbal condemnation to show disapproval? What about urging Nigeria to obey ECOWAS court ruling on Dasuki; what about urging Nigeria to stop killing African children exercising their fundamental rights to peaceful gathering and protests? What about urging Nigeria to respect the constitution and release Nnamdi Kanu whose case has brought Africa on the international stage as barbarian continent? What about urging Nigeria to respect the rights of indigenous people as contained in African Charter and UN Charter?

ECOWAS court is shying away from verdict on Nnamdi Kanu’s case because Nigeria is opposed to that and such ruling will mount pressure on Nigeria to respect human rights, but isn’t that what shows maturity and civilization? When will Africa come together and say no to corruption; when will law supersede positions and money? ECOWAS court has extended the ruling of the matter before it and it would be disgraceful extending it further. They should come plain and show us their color; if justice is what they want; they should order Nnamdi Kanu’s release from unlawful detention but if it is injustice they want, they should twist everything and back Nigeria’s unlawful act against Nnamdi Kanu. ECOWAS court should stop running and embrace its responsibility!

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