The Bible says in 1 chronicles chapter 12:32 "The children of Issachar were men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do". Misunderstanding the time puts you on  a wrong cause, but, understanding the time places you on the right cause. It is therefore, imperative that you and your entire family understand this particular time in which you are now, so that you will know, and also do the right thing you ought to do now. Summarily, what this particular time in which you are now is strictly demanding of  you, and everyone else,  (both Biafrans and non Biafrans) is speedy total and permanent restoration of Biafra. As such, the right thing you and your entire family should do now, in order to, prove that you really  understand the present time, be in agreement with it, and finally, be favoured by it, is to totally support the restoration of Biafra. Anything outside that, is a wrong cause, resulting from misunderstanding the time, and being in disagreement with it, of which consequence is that, the time will disfavour, strike, and smite you, as two cannot work together, unless they are in agreement. (Amos 3:3). Unknown to many people today, (especially, among the Igbos, and other Biafran tribes, is the fact that, part of the reason for their suffering in thi time, is because, they misunderstand, and disagree with this particular time and its ultimate demand towards them, to support and restore Biafra. Supporting Biafra means supporting "DIVINE TRUTH" because, Biafra is "DIVINE TRUTH" that is why, whether you are a Biafran or not, you should be friendly, and seriously support her restoration, so that you will be blessed. For it is righteousness to support truth, that is why YAHWEH, who is the originator of Biafra blesses whosoever that supports Biafra, but, curses those who attack her. In Isaiah 3:10, He says "say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings" but in verse 11, He says, "woe unto the wicked! (those who do not support truth, those who do not support Biafra) it shall be ill with them: for the reward of their hands shall be given them" finally, the restoration of Biafra is the "TRUE ULTIMATE STRICT DEMAND"of this very time in which you are, sincerely support it, and  our heavenly father will count it to you for righteousness, and it shall surely be well with you; according to His promise in Isaiah 3:10. May the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH grant you clear understanding of this time, endow you with grace to do the most needful now, which is to totally support the restoration of Biafra, whether you are a Biafran or not, and earn yourself  the friendliness and favours of the the time. In the name of Yehoshua.  Please. Also Send  and spread this message to others everywhere. SHALOM. 

-- Pastor Winner Ibe


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