By Kelechi Okorie; Writes for TBP
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Blood of Biafrans you killed shall forever hunt you even beyond
Life is precious, is ought to be saved and preserved with dignity. The reverse is the case in the Islamic republic of Nigeria led by blood thirsty Muhammadu Buhari; a Gestapo heartless sole emperor of British Empire. Continuous unabated State sponsored terrorism under Buhari’s watch deserves not to give a breathing space before all heads roll on the floor, killing of innocent citizens is now a daily occurrence by security apparatus coordinated by Buhari to insert fear in the mind of people mainly Biafrans and at same time subjects Biafraland in bondage.

Life means nothing to Nigerian Government; instead of protection of life and property as they swore in their constitution; they turn around becoming a threat to inhabitants expressing their constitutional rights. Everyone is wallowing in fear irrespective of democracy they framed to have been practicing before the world which is absolutely pure totalitarianism. No one’s life is guaranteed or secured in the next minutes because Buhari’s government made it a point of duty to take life at ease at any given time even without a brakedown of law or provocation as Indigenous People of Biafra remains a major target with intention of forcing them abandon Biafra agitation or abscond from Trump’s inauguration solidarity rally held at Igweocha (Port Harcourt).

20th January 2017, marks one of the odd days in Biafra history; bullets rained, blood flowed like river; many were inflicted with all kinds of injuries; Biafrans were helplessly crying uncontrollable. Many are still missing; their whereabout remain unknown till date; either secretly massacred and buried in mass grave or illegally detain in their various secret prisons with severe torture, maim to force them denounce Biafra.

Only in Nigeria; expression of one’s feeling in accordance of law is restricted. When Obama won as a US president elect, Northerners were seen on the major roads celebrating the victory of their favorable Islamic candidate to control the White House; none of them were shot by Nigeria Security Forces unlike, Biafra with well organized peaceful solidarity rally for Trump inauguration, where life bullets was directly fired at millions of Biafrans that trooped out in celebration of US President-elect swearing in as President.

US flag, Russian flag and Israeli flag were seized from Biafrans by Nigeria armed forces and burnt to ashes ordered by Buhari under the supervision of Yemi Osibanjo his vice with the negligence of Governor Nyisom wike of Rivers State, US happiest day turned to agony for Biafrans. Nigeria was neither invited nor recognized for Trump inauguration, should not be an excuse to kill Biafrans besides, only a terrorist government can allow Buhari steps his foot in their country.

Should Trump extends his invitation to Buhari it means negligence for democracy and tsunami for peaceful transition. International Organization must step up to its responsibility or permanently remain bias. UN, EU, AU and other international organizations must not keep mute in this regard if really they still stand for fairness, equity and  justice.

Buhari faking illness is to deceive the world in his involvement though, Biafrans never expect him to condemn it or conduct a press statement; already he made it clear to the hearing of everyone saying - he Buhari rather drawn in an ocean than allowing Biafra smile, celebrate or live on their own. Should the killing continues, Biafrans might resolve protecting themselves with anything at their disposal; self defense is never a crime, being peaceful and showing respect to international law on peaceful coexistence and having regard for nature is not out of cowardice as Buahri’s led government thought biafrans can not pull the trigger.

Vacuum in our heart cannot be addressed with mere talk rather actions to bring Buhari to book; and on the other way round Trump ought to know Biafrans have given all for him both campaigning for him and laid down their life just to make sure he accomplish his political ambition as US President; in this case should Biafrans expect good thing from him or otherwise?

US happiness is Biafra priority and concern reciprocation by Trump's government to balance the equation is the remedy to nurse the wounds in our bleeding hearts.
Notwithstanding, with heart fill with heavy pain, eyes with uncontrollable tears on behalf of Biafrans both home and Diaspora wish to express our gratitude for acknowledging Biafra by reserving a VIP slot for IPOB during his inauguration ceremony. We hopefully wish to see you facilitate Biafra restoration as a free people.

As Buhari struggles like a fowl taking his last breathe; he must surely ends up in the Hague for the atrocities committed against humanity where he will rest in pieces.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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