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January 24, 2014

Trump solidarity Rally; 20 Biafrans killed and scores arrested by Nigerian security agents
Recently; Buhari in a framed celebration of defeat of Boko Haram- where he reportedly received Boko Haram flag that later became the flag of an unknown terrorist organization, while addressing the Nigerian military, he told them that to keep Nigeria one is their sole responsibility. The Islamic fanatic did not bother to proactively ensure that the activities of the military is guarded under the constitution of the land but only concerned that they do anything they personally want to ensure Nigeria remains one. For the avoidance of doubt; let me quote the President of Nigeria to her military.

He said “I believe you are here because you want to be here and you cannot complain. We will do our best to build the national institutions in the country. All these political madness in the country where in the North East, the Niger Delta or in the East. There are 250 ethnic groups, so keeping Nigeria one is a task that must be done. So, even for personal reason you must make sure this country stays one and remain strong”.       Muhammadu Buhari has entrusted power on the military to keep Nigeria one; no longer his policies and political togetherness but by force of arm shall Nigerian Army keep Nigeria one. He technically shifted democracy to the military and while this is the case; so-called elites that swore they would fight such disposition remain outplayed.

The sheer acknowledgment or enforcement of soldiers to- for their personal reasons fight and make sure Nigeria is one is a huge threat to the safety of civilians, negates tenets of human rights and threat to democracy. This push that they should do anything within their power is responsible for the death campaign against citizens demanding right to self rule. A soldier would look back and remember that his Commander In-Chief urged him to do anything he can to keep Nigerian one and hence lawful and peaceful citizens dare demand their rights that chief is not consistent with, that citizen shall be gunned down as effort to keep Nigeria one.

Self-determination is a right consistent with the 2007 UN charter which Nigeria is signatory to and extends to African Charter. There is no argument whatsoever that can criminalize the agitation for self-determination, especially the one anchored on peace and within the confines of stipulated laws. What the Indigenous People of Biafra are doing is and should be commended than confronted with gun. The lack of civilization and education occasioned by Buhari’s military interest when people were in school is a driving factor against globalization which Indigenous People of Biafra have embraced.
Buhari categorized self-determination under what he termed political madness; this also set the Army on a part of confrontation against IPOB. This categorization has less to do with Buhari’s lack of education because he has formerly educated people around him even though such people lack ability to reason. The position of Muhammed Buhari sets the picture of a man on the wings of bigotry even when it is crashing down on earth. The appointments made by Buhari is part of what is destroying him; when 100% of appointments he made are Muslims and from North; who will then tame the bigotry that will eventually consume him?

The military will look back and align the mindset of their commander in chief in everything they do; those peaceful and lawful Biafrans rallying for Trump are mad people that needed to be gunned down. That is what the commander in chief said to them and he has given them power to do anything they can to get the job done. What can a soldier do if not to shoot and kill; isn’t that the command Buhari gave them right before the press and one begins to question the attitude of the military to shoot innocent Biafrans without questioning the command that issued the order. I have often made it clear that it is the mind of Buhari that Biafrans be killed once more as he killed them in 1968 in Owerri .

There is no gainsaying that Muhammadu Buhari inspired and ordered the continued massacre of Biafrans. This is why he would never rebuke his boys or caution them to stop the use of excessive force. Where on earth can the military attack without a command? The military is a highly disciplined institution and this is why when it is in the wrong hand; it causes immeasurable sorrow and when it is in the right hand, it brings immeasurable joy. A soldier cannot pull the trigger without the command of the chief and this reason is enough to question Buhari on why he ordered the butchering of Biafrans rallying for Donald Trump.

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