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January 23, 2017

IPOB peaceful Rally in Igweocha in solidarity with Donald Trump Inauguration; 20 Biafrans killed by the Nigerian Police and Military
One of the soldiers detailed to stop the Indigenous People of Biafra on their Trump solidarity rally, who confided in The Biafra Post (Biafra Reporters) and spoke to me on the condition of anonymity has disclosed how and what led to the murder of over 20 Biafrans celebrating Trumps historic inauguration. The rally which took place in the city of Igweocha (Portharcourt) ensured that the cold genocide going on in Biafra land is sustained. This is not the first time Biafrans have been murdered in a peaceful rally; they have been murdered in Onitsha, Aba, Asaba and before in Porthacourt as well.

“Boko Haram is killing in the North and when you go there; our people are always dedicated to fight and from every indications; soldiers of Northern extraction are not happy with us. They have often jokingly or casually accused us of killing their own in war front without constraint. The rumor discreetly making rounds in the barracks- the Northern soldiers are taking advantage of what happened with Boko Haram; killing of IPOB is simply retaliation but we in the barracks cannot do anything. We feign ignorance because command makes the final order. This is why each time IPOB announces protests; they lobby to be sent out to stop IPOB and when they come out; they start shooting at people even when they have no arms and running away from them.

“IPOB has often accused us of being Hausa/Fulani soldiers because we obey orders; this is military and we know what we are doing. The killing of IPOB will not stop unless the agitation stops because ‘Muslim’ soldiers from other regions are not happy and the commander in chief backs killing of IPOB, they say IPOB is this region’s own Boko Haram; the peaceful nature of IPOB frustrates them and the reason 20 are killed is because IPOB has never applied force for once, once they do, you start getting 200 and above in each rally.

“People should not make mistake of calling the name of the Governor of Rivers; Nyesome Wike has nothing to do with this murder of IPOB. This murder is from the overall senior man; there is definitely an established order that we are not aware of. This is why after each killing; the team squad is not marshaled but hailed for a job well done. A particular region controls the military and every other armed force; you should look beyond the State who scarcely has loyal soldiers”

Amnesty International has released various indicting reports which were backed up with sufficient video and photo evidences. The Nigerian government with their culture of lies shamelessly tried to deny, even while videos and photos speak louder than the written reports. This indecent denial pushed Amnesty International to the wall that they demanded for action against the Nigerian State as there is no chance of withdrawing their military campaign against Biafrans. The fear of Amnesty International is what happened again in Portharcourt and the inaction of the world led once more to the massacre of Biafrans.

The sympathetic soldier who only disclosed his ethnic nationality noted that his reason for speaking out is because of the disagreement that often trailed Biafra issue in the barracks. “I am from Southern Nigeria and that is all you can know, I am a soldier and we don’t observe what you think is right or wrong, we observe only but the order given to us. I was among the personnel drafted to stop Biafra rally. The rally has nothing to do with violence but the reason we are taken there is because IPOB want to leave Nigeria, to the military, they see it as crime even though it worth not shooting peaceful people”

Muhammadu Buhari is the commander in chief of the armed forces; by virtue of the position of the detailed soldier; it is clear that Muhammadu Buhari solely sees Biafra agitation as a crime hence sends soldiers to kill Biafrans anywhere they are seen as a measure to stopping the agitation. It is highly unconstitutional to deploy soldiers to a rally ground in spite of the long record of peaceful and lawful nature of rallies by IPOB. The non-condemnation of deployment of soldiers has helped in making sure that genocide is sustained in Biafra land.

“When the rally was reported in the build-up; there was a mixed feeling and that is usually the case, Soldiers from Northern extraction always shout ‘Banza’ Biafra, give us gun let us kill them; command us let us teach them lesson. They shout and yo, they want to kpokpo Biafrans and they are always happy. It is a thing of joy to hear that Biafrans will do one rally or another because they will shoot without defending or risk; we as Southern soldiers keep quiet, you can’t talk because a soldier don’t oppose what has been established by the command as threat even though it is not”

Muhammadu Buhari earlier on urged the Nigerian soldiers to kill if that would keep Nigeria as one; this order can be buttressed by his speech that he would kill more Biafrans if that is what is needed to keep Nigeria one. The quest for Biafra restoration has been there before Buhari was elected President but his bigotry and hatred gave Biafra agitation the needed momentum through the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and sustained genocide in Biafra.

“We were dispatched to the rally ground on 20th; we have toured Portharcourt and waiting for intelligence report on how the rally will go and where it would stop. The target was to nip it in the bud: if the rally can be stopped at the tender stage, which will be a good one. There was no order to shoot at first sight; the order was to apply everything necessary to stop the rally. I was with my team and joined in everything but I never pulled the trigger, because they are my people and are not hostile; if you shoot, nobody will question you, the command will defend you at any time, so the case of killing is a matter of conscience.

“We watched the rally becoming more serious and thousands trooping out, we tried to scare them away by positioning for attack but they never succumbed, then one shot and everything changed, reinforcement came because the people rallying seem to be increasing instead of decreasing. The command somehow believes that once one is shot; others will retreat which will end the rally but that is not often the case. You shoot one and you still see more there to be shot, they disperse sometimes and reconvene elsewhere and when you shoot again, you continue shooting”

It would be recorded that the shooting that led to the death of over 20 Biafrans was not done in a spot but in different areas. Other eye witnesses that spoke to The Biafra Post said the sporadic shot are in the air while few are at the people. The witness went further to say that had the entire shot aimed at the people; more than 200 will be lying dead by now. “I watched them kill my comrade; we were retreating when he was shot from the back and that opened his stomach and his intestines propped up” he soberly said.

“We refused to shoot but the reinforcement that came was with different orientation or varied order. We could talk with the people because they needed understanding; they shouted this is for Trump, this is for Trump. At worst; we get down people that come close when we said stop with sticks and arrest them afterwards. Shooting unarmed and defenseless people is to me a taboo; I am trained to kill armed enemies. We were calmed when they told us that their rally is for Donald Trump and not to divide Nigeria; they have a superior reason but when the reinforcement came. They were poised to shoot to kill to scare others away and bring an end to the rally.

“When I smartly contacted the command to know if the shooting was an established order; they clearly said that one cannot hold a gun and watch people advance to him. Then I realized that the Northern soldiers shooting might have reported threat. This is often a planned thing; they report threat even when the command is aware that there is no threat and the command will order self-defense and they would use that opportunity to kill people. It is becoming very clear that there is order to kill that we Southern soldiers are not aware of.

“The command is made up of only Northern superiors and there is always that hatred that leads to murder of friendly IPOB. The development is becoming worrisome to some of us because we cannot continue to kill a people that have never responded even with a stick. We might continue to love what we are doing and taking orders because of our various families and to survive but someday, things might dramatically change. Soldiers must go back to the barracks and allow police handle peaceful protesters than leaving us that are trained to continue to kill our citizens. If many of us examine their conscience like I have examined mine; somebody might turn around against senior men.

“The Police have a different command and SARS quite started the shooting before the military engaged; when there is a single shot, it creates tension and because nobody knows who could be shooting, one may shoot at sudden sight. The classified order is make sure you don’t leave your target once confirmed. You make sure you pick corpses of your target and any video or picture taken, get the persons and seize their phones or destroy them. Command has often flared the men for allowing video coverage and photos of everything they are doing. To stopping videos and photos became a priority; that is the classified command.

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