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Twitter: @Biafrapost ¤ January 13, 2017

Fr. Mbaka and President Buhari; at Aso Rock
Just Recently Father Ejike Mbaka publicly announced that he has not slept with a woman all his life; this announcement is coming at time terrorism, hardship, and injustices are all over the land. Churches razed and Christians attacked for their faith. The self-acclaimed castrated priest has no chance to talk about the travails of the church and Christians but looking for a cheap publicity to continue to deceive his gullible followers.

By publicly pulling the stunt; does it mean every other priests had had canal knowledge of women! One will begin to wonder why Ejike Mbaka instead of preaching the gospel of freedom is preaching self aggradations. As a matter of fact; one of the rules of priesthood is avoidance of marriage which directly prohibits sex. If what he said is anything true; Father Ejike Mbaka should not make an issue out of it because it means nothing. If he did, many other priests have done it.

Why must this very young man always want to drag attention to his self to continue to be relevant and get the minds of our people to keep giving offering and tithe he lives on? Ejike Mbaka is in need of publicity and I am poised to giving him one because no publicity is a bad one. For those of you that would flare up; I want you to know that the difference between us is religious slavery which I have been emancipated from.

Father Ejike Mbaka; just like me, you said that you have not had canal knowledge of a woman all your life? Good; but one thing you cannot deny is that you had had canal knowledge of yourself; you have masturbated all your life and that is dirtier than that of a woman. Will you please stop disgracing yourself in an effort to get attention and praises for more members in your Adoration Ministry?

Is your sexual life more important that the killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna? Why will you be pulling unnecessary stunt in a time seriousness is needed to save the church and the people of God? Because Buhari is in power; your Islamic master, everything going on against Christians in Nigeria is no longer worth attention. The other last time you were there to praise Sultan of Sokoto even when you have never praised your Bishop. This time you are telling us how you have never slept with a woman when you have slept with dirtier and unrealistic things to ease yourself.

If you have not slept with a woman; it would interest us to know what you have been sleeping with all your life. You can go on deceiving the world and covering your shame; the Messiah you said Buhari is turned into a monster. You have only tried to protect everything about Buhari because he proved everything you said wrong which proves that God does not know you. You can bring up irrelevant stories to cover up everything you have done but one thing is clear; the people will always bring them before you.

Your dirty life can go on in secret but Chukwuokike Abiama sees everything we do; I will only help to give more publicity to any stunt targeted at gullible people and at the same time advise you to look beyond yourself. You have achieved nothing because even in your State; Christians are being massacred and not even your prayers could save them. You are far away from God that nothing from you have contributed positively to the welfare of children of God.

The Buhari you assiduously campaigned for has taken the mantle of leadership and has proved a curse to the children of God and the world at large. Nothing from you makes sense any longer because you have fallen from the grace. Do not bother lifting yourself or pulling one stunt or another to get attention or restore the status quo. You have lost and completely out of sight; Buhari will value you; Sultan of Sokoto will value you but as for the people, you are over that not even your sexual life will get people back to your domain. If you have slept with strange women all your life and tell us something else; know thyself. If you have masturbated all your life and tell us nothing about that, know thyself and if you have slept with toys and other unrealistic things; just know thyself.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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