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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
If Nnamdi Kanu ever loses on 10th of February in the Federal High Court presided over by Justice Binta Nyako; then it would be very clear that this is a premeditated trial which its only aim is to see the conviction of Nnamdi Kanu. The Prima Facie affidavit deposed by the defense lawyer is the twist that will pin down Muhammadu Buhari whose bigotry only brought agitation that has been before him to a prime. The expertise of the defense lawyer is one that needs commendation; this stance is verified by the time you read to the last sentence of this article- you will close the chapter of this shameful case Buhari handicapped the Nigerian judiciary to his pleasure despite far away Qatar Tabloid reporting and following the matter which indicates the matter has gone internationally beyond our expectation.

The prosecution counsel instead of facing the reality, is backwarding as he was only praying the Court not to hear the affidavit that was duly and accordingly deposed. This is the situation because the prosecution already has nothing to buttress the trumped up charges. This is the first test of the trial and before Nnamdi Kanu is tried; it is good that we take a first look at the case. The prosecution is already jittery because the charges cannot stand due to lack of evidence. I will outline the factors to prove that the prosecution is nothing but riding on the corrupt wings of the Nigerian State.

Recently; there was an open letter to IPOB Directorate of States urging them to take action against Hon. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Nnamdi Kanu’s defense lawyer if he fails to make a certain declaration. The author went ahead to suggest that the defense lawyer might have been charmed or somehow influenced, but little did we know he was diligently planning a devastating strike. The author will look back and regret not diplomatically passing his message because Hon. Ifeanyi Ejiofor deserves praise for his expertise with the situation of the case right now. On the other hand; the author might as well look back and say, my open letter might have gingered him to take those effective decisions.

There is no need to celebrate Nnamdi Kanu’s victory just yet; Muhammadu Buhari is hell bent on not allowing his sister- Justice Binta Nyako to justly preside over the trial. There is never a time Muhammadu Buhari will allow justice, he would make sure the Judge is intimidated and forced to obey his wish and not the constitution or law. The Prima Facie ensures that the trumped up charges against Nnamdi Kanu are quashed based on lack of merit. As I have always said; in a trial, justice is dispensed and not only dispensed but we must see it being dispensed. The idea of Nnamdi Kanu’s victory is simply because we can see justice in his victory and injustice if the victory is not substantiated on 10th of February.

Prima Facie is the twist that gave Nnamdi Kanu victory and the expertise of Hon. Ejiofor to bringing it up this very time is key. The time of the affidavit as deposed is primed and accurate; this contradicts one of the points raised in the counter affidavit of the prosecution who argued that trial has already commenced and hence the affidavit is not accordingly. It would be very clear the prosecution is reminded that everything that has been going on is pre-trial or rather build up to the trial. When the trial was expected to take a shape was when secret trial was unjustly admitted by the Court and before the actual commencement of trial, the Prima Facie affidavit was deposed, making it timely and suitable. Very simple; before we waste the time of the Court on this trumped up charges; let us look at the case at first sight. Let us see your evidence and everything you have to buttress this trial; then we can know if it worth being given time.

Prima Facie ensures that the victory of Nnamdi Kanu is certain except the trial Judge listens to Muhammadu Buhari who would eventually interfere and urge her to unethically or unjustly rule in absence of common sense and reason hence neglecting the constitution or law of the land prosecuting Nnamdi Kanu. In spite of the awareness that this is a high profile case monitored and followed by the people all around the globe; it is strange that Justice Binta Nyako allowed her image to be so damaged as a puppet Judge who derives strength from Buhari and not the constitution she swore to uphold. The world will marvel at such rate of corruption in a country her leader claims corruption is his main objective. Nnamdi Kanu’s case will go a long way to tarnishing and exposing the lies of Muhammadu Buhari who said he is fighting corruption. If corruption is being fought; what happens to everything going on in Nnamdi Kanu’s case?

Now it rests on the prosecution to provide evidence that buttresses the charge against Nnamdi Kanu. This case is taking a shameful dimension both to the prosecution and to Muhammadu Buhari; what exactly will the prosecution present to the Court as evidence that buttressed the charge? Nnamdi Kanu was accused of treasonable felony without even a date; nobody knows when the crime was committed. Nobody knows how the crime was committed; it is very shameful that in spite of the matter that has lasted more than a year, the prosecution cannot tell the world how Nnamdi Kanu committed treasonable felony. Where was the crime committed; the disgrace dragged on to the fact that Muhammadu Buhari cannot even provide to the Court the place this said crime was committed. Nnamdi Kanu has been in London and a legal citizen; one begins to wonder where or how he committed the treasonable felony. This takes us to the fact that one man cannot commit treasonable felony; Nnamdi Kanu who has been in London cannot magically commit treasonable felony, if treasonable felony can be committed, Nnamdi Kanu needs people he can perpetrate the crime with here in Nigeria hence he is not in Nigeria. Surprisingly; nobody was found culpable in the treasonable felony except Nnamdi Kanu which makes the charge highly impossible, may God help Nigeria, and is this one of their Nollywood fiction film?

Biafra agitation under Nnamdi Kanu started long before Muhammadu Buhari assumed office; it would be noted that Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested under Goodluck Jonathan’s regime and when the case was reasonably assessed in the absence of bigotry; the administration released him. Biafra agitation has long been existing and has never been a threat but as soon as a fanatic assumed office; his bigotry blinded him that he tried to establish war where one never and cannot exist. There is no evidence whatsoever the prosecution has to buttress the charges before the Court and hence Justice Binta Nyako has no other option but to justly make a ruling come 10th of February.

Muhammadu Buhari had accused Nnamdi Kanu of trying to secede; in advent of secession, there is atom of force. But a clear look at the 2007 UN Charter on the rights of indigenous people; the Charter made option for referendum which is highly peaceful and lawful and in that context, Nnamdi Kanu is agitating for referendum. Indigenous People of Biafra has never been associated with any form of violence in spite of immeasurable provocations against them which resulted in the murder of over 2000 peaceful and lawful Biafrans. In most cases as critically established by Amnesty International; Muhammadu Buhari has entirely illegally and forcefully engaged the agitation for referendum. It has been proven that IPOB is not a secessionist group but a group agitating for referendum- self determination which is a human right.

There is no evidence whatsoever that can buttress the charges against Nnamdi Kanu; the treasonable felony charge cannot solely be committed behind the microphone in far away London. Muhammadu Buhari must know that he met Biafra agitation and cannot rightly force an issue out of nothing. We are all aware that even up till this moment; there is no evidence before Justice Binta Nayko which is the reason she must strike out the trumped up charges and save everyone this disgrace.

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