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Sowore; Sahara Reporters publisher arrested in Lagos
I recently learned of Sowore’s travail; the issue is bothering on bribery and corruption, he has denied taking or asking for bribe. I am not happy as I am very much aware a lot of people would commend the law of retributive justice, Karma. I have nothing to gain deriving pleasure from the ordeal of another man. I am on this topic because it is wisdom to always learn from experience; Sowore after his ordeal will look back and count his steps.

I have been directed to various posts by Sowore where he was sulking or crying; telling the world that his hands are clean. He is already shedding tears even when nothing has happened to him; I never knew that the publisher of Sahara Reporters will be this frightening. The way he publishes fake news and attack people; calling for their head and indefinite imprisonment, you will begin to wonder the planet the publisher came from. Here is he; frightening and shedding tears, complaining like a hungry child; he would be arraigned, he would taste a dose of everything he often helps tyrants dish out to citizens.

The foolishness of Africans is amazing; they can never learn from history, after what Jews suffered in the hands of Nazi, the world have learned to fight injustice where ever it is seen because if it is not fought, it would someday get to their doorstep. In Nigeria; Sowore failed to fight injustice when the Government began it with Nnamdi Kanu and citizens aspiring for self determination. He refused to fight injustice but took side with tyranny and today a tyrant is on his doorstep.

I expected this young foolish publisher to take heart and face his ordeal than cry to the public a great fowl done to him or plan to detain him. Was Nnamdi Kanu not illegally detained, was Chidiebere Onwudiwe not illegally detained among others. He took the side of government and made sure his publications promote injustice and illegal approach or detention of activists. Today; he is about to be arraigned and detained but crying and calling on the public to sympathize or help him. Unfortunately for Sowore; the people that could have saved him have been killed by his support and the city is scanty. His call cannot do anything or reach anyone; he should rather bravery face his ordeal, get arraigned and detained, that will be a better lesson.

Sowore should know by now that every Nigerian is a thief; you are corrupt in one way or another, it is strange to hear a Nigerian say he refused to collect bribe. I can swear that Sowore collected bribe; he is a culprit because one cannot survive in Nigeria without bribery and corruption. Let us all be sincere to ourselves; this contraption cannot produce a man that can say no to bribery. Nigerians which Sowore is one is a Noble Experiment who cannot exist without mistake, Nigerians are imperfect human beings.

Sowore can say no to Jonathan’s bribery and corruption but he said yes to Buhari’s corruption and bribery. He has worked tirelessly with the government of Muhammadu Buhari to shut dissent voices even to the point of publishing tapped phone calls of oppositions while non- from the pro-government has been tapped. His paid publications have caught up with him; when nemesis comes, the world becomes a small place. I would advise Sowore to kindly get a good lawyer and fight his battle, if he wins, let it serve as a lesson, so he can always fight injustice anywhere he sees it.

When you see Sahara Reporters publishing one piece or another; you begin to wonder if the young man is a saint in America. Whoever knew he would someday be caught in the act; he deserves not a single sympathy, Nnamdi Kanu he accused and attacked for being an activist that shares different idea should be a reason for the entire public to boycott and never sympathize with him.

Sahara Reporters have accused a lot of innocent people and even tried to instigate regional conflict between the North and the East that could result to another civil war. They have lied against an activist Nnamdi Kanu and called for his head; the head of Sahara Reporters is called today and this is a lesson to others. Let us fight injustice anywhere we see one because when it finishes with Mr A, it would come to Mr C until it gets to you and those you helped injustice to kill will not be there to save you. That is the foolishness of Sowore, your publishers.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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