Having every thing one can think of and no freedom makes the man a rich slave! We should not allow one stick poke us in the eyes twice. It will be the undoing of wisdom to allow such repetition

Biafrans demand their freedom from Nigeria
January 11, 2017

The prominent men and leaders of thought in the land of Biafra are expected to come under one umbrella to speak about Restoration of Biafra with one voice and in same language in order for the world to understand them and do what is highly expected of them as touching this 'Just' struggle. It is also expected of them to petition the United Nations to do something about the killings and maimings of lives going on in Biafra land by the murderous government of Muhamadu Buhari because they are aware of it as the zoo contraption is a member nation.

By so doing, I believe Biafra will be restored without sweat and gun musics. Let us leave off political interests in the zoo country, leave off every other material or social interest as well for the sake of this iconic cause.

Those who still find themselves in the corridors of power of the government of Nigeria should resign their positions inclusive of those who own properties across the lenght and breath of her to shun the moribund fear they entertain concerning their properties scattered every where as assurance had been given that nothing will happen to their wealth but if that becomes the case, it is good to understand there is no freedom without a sacrifice.

Let us shun saboteurship in the face of this struggle which in effect scuttles it to the detriment and that of generations yet unborn. "It doesn't matter a thousand miles already gone in the wrong direction; there is still need to retrace to the right track". "It doesn't matter how long a tree trunk has stayed in the river, it can never turn to a crocodile". "It doesn't matter the many good things a man does for his girl friend, she can never call him father". Having quoted these therefore, it is time to have our own nation, Biafra. Biafrans, it is time to go!

It is highly pertinent to understand that until interest of whatever kind is completely shunned in ones bid to have or get freedom, he continues to be a slave even though a rich and wealthy one.

Biafrans are known for their egalitarian and industrious nature but very unfortunate are slaves to Hausa-Fulani domiciled Nigeria. For how long do we want this to continue? For this reason I quote the statement of Myles Munroe, "No man is free who cannot command himself". And I add, "who cannot sacrifice his today to secure his tomorrow". We should all cue behind this great leader of IPOB and his principal figures in their astute, honest, professional and legal approach to secure the freedom of Biafra and Biafrans. There is nothing as sweet as freedom from slavery. We have been in grossly irresponsible servitude in Nigeria since the war ended. This is the time to be free because having every thing one can think of and no freedom makes the man a rich slave.

Immediate gratification we have now is a danger to our future and that of our children's future. After today what happens tomorrow? This is a trillion biafran pound sterling questions to answer.

A word is enough for the wise. Let us stop deceiving ourselves deliberately and ignorantly. This is the time to be wise as the saying goes; "a wise man is wise, before, not after". Let us not be like the unfortunate child who grows the first tooth and grow a decayed one". We should not allow one stick poke us in the eyes twice. It will be the undoing of wisdom to allow such repetition.

This is the time for Nigeria to know and understand we are serious in this struggle to be free. When all hands in Biafra come on deck for this struggle, other responsible nations of the world, except the Obama led government of USA that will soon end, and the Teresa May led government of the arch enemy of Biafra and Biafrans called Britain, shall also know and understand the seriousness of our determination to have our freedom from the Luggardian Induced Contraption so named Nigeria and quickly call for REFRENDUM through the United Nations.

Again, I like us to move on and not allow the biasness of the nations that make up the the U.N towards letting Biafrans exit and have their freedom and become a nation as other nations have done from their respective entities frustrate our struggle to restore Biafra; say capital NO to it. Let us continue to trust in GOD (Chukwu Okike Abiama) for its restoration and then go ahead exercising our right to self determination.

This is wisdom. Biafra Must Come! And the spirit of Biafra is holistically now at WORK.

Rems Chukwuemeka Mmaduakolam
(Nwa Biafra)

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via twitter; @ckorie17 and email;


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