Author; Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for TBP
Twitter: @Biafrapost ¤ January 11, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader leaving the court
This is only possible when there is no argument or pretext to hold unto; one cannot be soaked in injustice and stand the touch or roar of justice. When Justice Binta Nyako reportedly ran out of the Court as a result of words of resistance proceeding out of Nnamdi Kanu’s mouth, it was clear she cannot stand the resistance for justice. Nnamdi Kanu would give her one million reasons she won’t continue to be a Justice or rather regret accepting Buhari’s proposal to illegally execute a lawful and peaceful activist.

Justice Binta Nyako declined all the warnings; she refused to learn from the travails of Justice John Tsoho, she decided to contravene and invent unrealistic policies. The policy of the DSS always being right and the policy of the master take it all. Justice John Tsoho cannot wash clean the dent to his name; he would go down in history as one of the most corrupt Justice that tried to convict a prisoner of conscience at all cost. Justice Binta Nyako is on the line; her legacies are on the line and her personality suffering and depreciating. The mentality of a black head; she chose corruption over sanity; I will watch her diminish that she can never stand on the international and local stage.

There is no way we try to paint it to erase or cover the judgment of posterity; someday, we shall all look back and question the mentality or character of a Justice that sanctioned secrecy in order to corruptly jail a political prisoner. Her grand children and her extended families will be known and seen as people not worthy of trust or dignity. Hence Justice Binta Nyako decided to trade injustice; the people will trade resistance and she would eventually run out of her life as she ran out of her so-claimed Court yesterday 10th of January 2017.

Gradually; Justice Binta Nyako is losing the respect of lordship and Justice; she is facing that because deep down her heart, there is a voice of reason rebuking her. She cannot defend her Court any longer because her Court has been damaged by injustice. She can no longer respond- she has no superior reason and neither can she back up the application she granted, via secret trial in a Commonwealth country. She is very much aware that she has presumed Nnamdi Kanu guilty by denying him fair hearing and open trial. She is aware that civil matter as that of Nnamdi Kanu has nothing to do with secrecy. She is aware that more serious crimes have never been tried in secret and hence history is staring at her and making it clear to her that she is corrupt. She cannot do anything but run out of the Court when confronted; that is simply a sign of defeat.

Secret trial is not often enforced but the choice of the accused; such trial is a complete denial of fair hearing and one wonders why Justice Binta Nyako is poised to ensure Nnamdi Kanu goes into secret. There is no basis to grant the application of the DSS but having done that and being blatantly proved wrong, she has no option but to run out of the Court and will continue to run out until she succumbs to justice. I have constantly made it clear that Nnamdi Kanu is not someone that can be toyed around, there are over 70 million Nnamdi Kanu all over the world and they would make sure injustice is paid back in folds. Nnamdi Kanu cannot be killed or jailed; illegally doing so is invitation to anarchy, there would be a bloody revolution that would condemn us all.

Running out of the Court will not solve the problem orchestrated by sheer bigotry; the blatant injustice seen in Nnamdi Kanu’s case is the reason Binta Nyako would continue to face disgrace. Nnamdi Kanu has been given the reason to believe that there is no law in Nigeria and her Justices are puppets in the hands of the President of the day. When the law loses its value; Lawyers, Judges, and Juries lose their honor. Binta Nyako has found herself in a tight corner that she must have begun to regret her involvement or loyalty to Buhari.

The people of Biafra with their leader Nnamdi Kanu will continue to resist injustice and secret trial because it is a criminal act. There will never be a time the people will relent and Justice Binta Nyako will run out of the matter very soon. The only thing that will solve the problem is justice; Binta Nyako must respect rule of law and stop fragrant abuse of the constitution because she presides over as a trial Judge. She must break the agreement she entered into with Buhari to illegally ensure the execution of Nnamdi Kanu by justly presiding and lawfully making rulings. Justice is dispensed and very obvious; injustice is also dispensed and very obvious, we do not need a conventional lens to know that Binta Nyako is as corrupt as her master.

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