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ECOWAS Building
This past week was quite strange to my readers; I received messages, I did not live my columns. I owe my esteemed readers reason; I have been so occupied with other works on Biafra restoration that needs my attention. Biafra Television and Radio Biafra are proving the greatest asset in Africa. Nnamdi Kanu showed the ability to reason; this propelled him to establish the unique Radio Biafra and Biafra TV instead of establishing armed rebellion that is widely obtainable in Africa. Amidst that, I took my time to deliberate on Gambia issue; Jammeh lost election and refused to hand over; for me, I am looking beyond this bone of contention.

None or few writers both locally and internationally have critically assessed the Gambia issue; the columnists that have tried to write on the issue have plainly done that. They have been unable to reason or critically assess the matter; question the characters involved and approach of both parties. ECOWAS hurriedly said they would use military action and I hurried asked who will eventually be victim? We don’t need to look for the answer elsewhere; Gambians will die, citizens and innocent children of Africa will die in advent of any military action for any reason.

As for Jammeh; I will only pity black Africans for the curse called ‘leaders’ on us, they enjoy power but don’t know the definition. They want power to protect their selves; fight their perceived enemies and flaunt it. To average African leader; power is all about controlling Africans and making sure they serve special interest. Instead of relinquishing power and save Gambia from political crisis; he chooses to destroy African children. He is a god; everything must submit to him, Buhari is submitting Nigerian judiciary. To them; constitution is not supreme, they have the right to influence it, Buhari influenced it when Court released Nnamdi Kanu and he disagreed. Jammeh influenced it when he lost election and refused to hand over; birds of the same feather flock together.

Just recently a position was taken; I want to kindly quote, “No one has the right to oppose the will of the people” De Souza said on behalf of ECOWAS. I am curious about this quote because it strikes a chord; this is a powerful quote that if ECOWAS pursue; Africa will be great or emancipated from not only neo-colonialism but from stagnancy and backwardness.

Buhari was appointed to lead negotiation or mediate to enforce constitutional respect; in the sense that Buhari on behalf of ECOWAS is to ensure or enforce the constitution on Jammeh. The constitution will enable Jammeh to hand over to Barrow. I love Barrow so much because he really put up a fight and he would definitely change Gambia from the shackles of dictatorship. There is no doubt that Barrow is the man of the people and Jammeh must respect the wish or decision of Gambians.

Appointing Buhari to ensure civil rights of the people of Gambians is the greatest hypocrisy I have seen so far. This now narrows it down to a simple fact; ECOWAS is about ensuring political powers of cursed leaders that have destroyed Africa. Why will ECOWAS suddenly pick interest to enthrone another political leader but keep mute over the killing of Africans in Nigeria? Why will ECOWAS appoint a man that dishonored the constitution by refusing to release a prisoner of conscience that was constitutionally released by a competent Court of jurisdiction? Why will Buhari ensure that Jammeh obeys the law when he did not obey his own law? ECOWAS is yet to disclose what they have with Gambia or it can be said that ECOWAS is a creed of politicians where African leaders fight and protect their interests and never the interest of Africans.

It is an abuse or rather Buhari and ECOWAS lack the moral stand to question Jammeh; if ECOWAS anchors her intervention on respect of the peoples wish, then that should extend to everywhere. The wish of the people of Biafra in Africa should be respected; ECOWAS should quickly get their soldiers ready to tackle Buhari’s murder of thousands of innocent children of Africa demanding self determination. ECOWAS should get ready her soldiers to fight Buhari who has contravened the constitution as Jammeh did in respect with Nnamdi Kanu’s ongoing case. This hypocrisy places ECOWAS on the horizon of insincerity in Gambia.

Jammeh should quickly hand over to Barrow on his own accord; the intervention of ECOWAS with Buhari is aggravating. If Buhari should be the reason Jammeh hand over; then I should urge Jammeh to persist because Buhari has no moral right to mediate. ECOWAS to have appointed Buhari shows lack of will to deal with corruption that is the bane of African continent.

Jammeh has every moral right to reject to hand over to Barrow as a result Buhari’s appointment; Buhari cannot have a wood in his eyes and sought to remove a stick in Jammeh’s eyes. Buhari cannot openly say that he would not allow any Court to release Nnamdi Kanu which is against the constitution and mediate for Jammeh to hand over power. Buhari cannot be killing innocent children of Africa peacefully protesting for referendum and again talking about peace. Buhari cannot violently approach Biafra agitation that is entirely peaceful and at the same time telling Jammeh to peacefully hand over.

If ECOWAS is ready to as claimed that the reason there could be military intervention in Gambia is to protect the rights of the people, then the rights of people in Biafra should first be protected. If ECOWAS is not playing politics in Gambia and is sincere; then they should first address peoples' wish in Biafra, running for a political issue when indigenous issue is deteriorating shows power thirsty syndrome and not a move borne out of sincerity. It is a very big disgrace that in 21st century; the stupidity of Africans is still visible among her leaders. The hypocrisy that will continue to keep Africa in darkness is still practiced and flaunted by her nothing but lazy leaders.

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