Author; Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for TBP
Twitter: @Biafrapost ■ December 29, 2016

Onitsha Main Market - Anambra, Biafra
In what could be described as living Biafra; Biafrans have changed the popular Ghana Must Go Bag to ‘Nigeria Must Go Bag’. The people are using every civilized means known to them to fight for the restoration of their cherished nation lost to Nigerian State in 1970. The quest for the restoration of Biafra has turned into a 'religion' and the earlier Biafra question is addressed through referendum is the better for the sake of peace. Biafra has come to the point that it can never diminish and neither can it be defeated, not even incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu will deter her.

The busy road of Igweocha (Portharcourt) ensured a hectic day down to Anambra State; then I had to meet up a meeting but not without a gift. Anambra State is the economic hub of Biafra; therefore, any festive period is seen as a time to make sales and more customers from within the State come in for one purchase or another. The period records high sale of 'Ghana Must Go Bags' which are often used by travelers-families.

The gridlock in Igweocha (Portharcourt) had already left me tired and meeting another one in Onitsha was worrisome. I parked outskirt of Main Market; a large market in the city of Onitsha, life was not easy as the motorcycle that conveyed me to the market dragged the way station with surging crowd of people heading in and out of the market. We managed to reach a certain junction where he told me that motorcycle is not allowed beyond the place.

I had no problem with the rider as 100 Naira was enough for him; “Buhari has destroyed our lives and we cannot buy rice; add more money sir” the rider said. I mildly asked him if he is a member of IPOB then he smiled and responded “I am IPOB and the Zoo must fall; Biafra is coming and suffering will end”. He audibly said and I managed to add 100 Naira for him and his smile was more than the thanks he extended.

As soon as I entered the market; the street has already been taken, sellers are making their last effort to round up the year. Goods were scattered on the ground while they rang bell to call customers' attention. It was clear that they are on auction sale, as usually, prices drastically went down, bags one can use to pack his or her purchase also scattered everywhere.

Then beside was a young man shouting “Nigeria Must Go, Nigeria Must Go” I quickly glanced at him and saw him sampling the popular Ghana Must Go Bag. “Ghana has gone and now Nigeria must go” he shouted as passers-by smiled and hailed him. Before I could look the other way around; people are queuing to buy while others joined for the fun of it.

I joined the last three women I saw and picked one bag; he would not look at me but continued shouting “Nigeria Must Go;- no more Ghana Must Go”. I picked up one to enable me gain access to his intention; as I brought out a thousand Naira note; he shouted that there is no balance right now and it was a good time to engage him.

I mildly asked him when was Ghana Must Go Bag renamed Nigeria Must Go; he told me that Biafrans today use every medium possible to evangelize and call for her freedom. Then he continued; “Nigeria must go or everybody pays dearly; we are suffering and we are dying and they think Nigeria will remain” he casually said and continued with his Nigeria Must Go Bag sampling.

He was hailed by almost everybody that passed and by shop owners; one thing is very clear, the people accepted the message and patronized him for the initiative of Nigeria Must Go Bag. This goes beyond marketing as Biafra has turned into an ideology that must be fulfilled or the hurricane of obsession will sweep us into oblivion.

Everything around the people of Biafra is now Biafra; their daily prayer is Biafra, their daily meal is Biafra. In their office is Biafra; in their shops is Biafra, in their bedroom is Biafra and on their praying ground is Biafra. Biafra is everywhere you go and to succeed; you need Biafra because the people of Old Eastern Region have passionately embraced Biafra. Let Biafra question be addressed because continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu is as wasteful as anything one can think. Biafra can only be addressed by releasing Namdi Kanu and putting all cards on the table for check and balance.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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