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That very moment Campbell, ex-US Ambassador to Nigeria said in Washington DC USA that Nigeria is a Noble Experiment; I lost the human sense in me for a moment but found solace in Nnamdi Kanu’s determination to making me a human being. Yet, to the Journalist the Ambassador granted the interview; everything is alright, he never mustered the courage to ask him how a people could be said to be ‘Noble Experiment’. This fundamentally means that as a Nigerian; you are a product of an experiment, like an experiment conducted on animals and other lowly living things.

For the avoidance of doubt; let me digress and bring to your knowledge why Campbell’s phrase is unique, I am curious about Campbell because he knows Nigeria more than most Nigerians. He has played vital roles in making a lot of things come to fulfillment in terms of foreign relationship. He knows what you can offer Nigeria and what Nigeria can offer and everything will be alright. This implies that the Ambassador is very much grounded; he is talking from the box and when he says Nigeria is a ‘Noble Experiment’, he is very much aware of what he said.

Let me quote the ex- Ambassador “I would argue that Nigeria and South Africa are the two African countries of the greatest strategic importance to the United States. Nigeria because of its sheer size, but also because it is, I think, a Noble Experiment”. Campbell did put something straight; he just sincerely told us what Nigeria is all about. Nigeria contributes nothing but the sheer size of Nigeria has largely been used or an avenue to underdeveloped African continent. The ‘experiment’ aspect of Nigeria is used to the pleasure of Britain. When an experiment is conducted; it is often aimed to give a particular result of which service to Britain was Nigeria used.

I want to start with Wole Soyinka; the politically crowned noble laureate prize winner said he is a champion to Nigerians while responding to questions over his vow to tear his USA green card if Trump won the then election. Shamefully; a man considered a learned head is ordinarily an experiment of a white man, more damning is the fact he proudly say he is a Nigerian champion and seems not to be aware he is a ‘Noble Experiment’. By claiming he is a Nigerian champion; I don’t know if the man is aware he is the finest of all the products of experiment if the ‘champion’ claim is anything real. Wole Soyinka to have continued to be a proud Nigerian and jumping means the man is nothing but a ‘Noble Experiment’- lowly animal that doesn’t know his origin.

Then to every single one of them shouting one Nigeria; they have done that without the awareness of their state. Self realization was a big problem to Nigerians; although as a Noble Experiment, we shouldn’t expect much, but now Ambassador Campbell has clearly said it. Nnamdi Kanu also said it in 2012 but it was labeled a hate speech; now Campbell, there is need to sit down and reflect once more. As for me; I have stopped being a Nigerian since I emancipated myself from mental slavery, I will only urge for a moment of deepest reflection to ascertain the ‘Noble Experiment’ status.

Nigeria as a Noble Experiment is sustained by the blood of the same innocent creatures that allowed their selves to be experimented with. Watch closely the difference between a natural or God-experimented creation and this of British- human experimented Nigeria. I cannot imagine a situation citizens are killing their selves and there is no love existing. A Hausa man sees a Biafran as an infidel that worth not to live. A Yoruba man sees a Hausa as unqualified creature and vice versa.  This Noble Experiment has caused more harm than good; ranging from bigotry to ethnic instability. This Noble Experiment seems to be a bloodsucking experiment and nothing can substitute blood which it runs on.

The way the creatures that were experimented with disregard the existence of each other makes me wonder if the experiment was conducted for depopulation, making it impossible to control. Sometimes experiment is conducted and it backfires or turns hostile; and that is the situation the Experiment- Nigeria is in. the way Muhammadu Buhari command Soldiers to kill, the way Fulani, Boko Haram and others take away lives makes one tremble.

On the aspect of the ‘Noble Experiment’ politicians; they have also sustained the flow of blood, the way they fight to hold firm this Noble Experiment calls for help. You see them making one move or another simply to foster or prolong the life of the experiment. O! Animals and fools programmed to serve the wish of the human beings that used them for Experiment. Where is the reasoning that makes us human? I would fairly conclude that the experiment also took reasoning ability of Nigerians that years after the experiment, they still cherish their lowly life.

Nigeria as a man-made experiment will eventually expire or mal-function; the mal-functioning is the killing of people by Boko Haram. The mal-function is the Fulani herdsmen terrorists’ menace that cannot stop and taking more lives. The mal-function is the corruption that is a culture; even Buhari who swore to fight corruption is as corrupt as his colleagues. The mal-function is the suffering Nigerians are passing through and by clear assessment; Biafra is the only solution left to undo the experiment, if it cost death to live forever, let those that paid the price be lifted- heroes.

It is time to bring to an end this Noble Experiment; human beings are not to be used for experiment as carried out by Britain. This experiment was conducted years back and the call for Biafra which will eventually undo the experiment is nothing but civilization. We must not continue to dwell in the Stone Age; we have to stand and say we shall no longer be an experiment. We can stand and say we are superior creatures created and kept somewhere by God and not forced together to the service of man. We can put an end to this bloodshed and hatred by going our natural ways; being on our natural soil, God is infallible whilst man is fallible. Britain is fallible and this is why their experiment kills; destroy futures, subject innocent victims to hardship and suffering.

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