Leader of IPOB; Nnamdi Kanu Vs Buhari

▪ By Ifeanyi Chijioke / writes for TBP
▪ Dec 17, 2016  ▪ Twitter: @Biafrapost

In the last Court ruling where Justice Binta Nyako profaned the sanctity of the law Court by declaring that she owns a Court of law came with no surprise as Buhari has given her the mandate to do everything within her power to jail Nnamdi Kanu. To jail Nnamdi Kanu; one must make a law Court his Court because no existing law can jail him. This is coming after she made an influenced ruling to try Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra in secret after Muhammed Buhari accused him in the public and even submitted that he should not be released by any Nigerian Court which Justice Binta Nyako strictly followed.

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra objected the ruling saying he cannot be subjected to such travesty of justice. The trial Judge knowing that she neglected the ethics of the Court and illegally ruled hence by virtue of influence; she quickly went to the defense counsel and told them “This is my Court and I will do whatever I want” this signaling that what she has said is what shall be done whether according to the law or not.

After prolonged deliberation; Biafra Reporters; reporters for The Biafra Post - a trending Biafran news website have issued a reply to the trial Judge in a bit to educate and remind her that she is not dealing with some vagabonds who have no knowledge of the law. This reply is pertinent in order to set the record straight and establish facts that Justice Binta Nyako is an overzealous Judge who is out to unleash bigotry and satisfy the wish of her paymaster.

Biafra Reporters wish to bring to the knowledge of the trial Judge that the Court cannot belong to her or any Justice or Judge rather, the Court belongs to the law because the law rules over everybody therein. Responding to Justice Binta Nyako; Chima Onyekachi , the deputy National leader of Biafra Reporters said “The Court room and not the Court can be her own but rule of law must be respected” detailing that the Court belongs to the law and not to justice Binta Nyako hence rule of law supersedes even those that administer it.

Justice Binta Nyako has lost her senses and legal modesty; this very woman is full of herself due to the fact that she does the bidding of the President and hence cannot be questioned. She suddenly forgot that her duty to the law Court is to interpret the law and not make a law. From where she interpreted the law that gave her power to rule that secret trial shall be observed remains a mystery. Shamelessly; she posited that the power to rule for secret trial is derived from the fact that she owns the Court and will do whatever she wants.

Reacting to the claim by Justice Binta Nyako; Amos Ifeanyichukwu a member of Biafra Reporters resident in UAE said “Justice is blind so it is no respecter of persons, not even the so-called Justice Binta Nyako, so if she likes, let her own the Court just as the Zoo is owned by Britain. We Biafrans will continue to seek for justice until we get it - freedom of our leader and freedom of all Biafrans illegally detained by the Zoo Government. We shall not relent or be intimidated by Injustice Binta Nyako’s Court; rather we shall remain resolute and fight Injustice Binta and her Court until justice is prevailed”. He further stated that if Justice Binta Nyako denies justice in the Court; Biafrans will go for jungle justice, noting that there shall never be secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu.

Even though Justice Binta Nyako wanted to lay claim of ownership; she could have laid claim of the Court room and not the law Court and the decision of the Court. Decisions of the Court are based on interpretation of the law, which is derived from existing constitution and not by ownership of the Court room. By virtue of claiming ownership of the law Court and that whatever she likes she will do or say is a risk and total denial or destruction of justice and legal practice. Justice Binta Nyako is going too far in a bit to jail Nnamdi Kanu and this has once more reassured Biafrans that Justice cannot be done in Nigeria as trial Judge now owns law Court, decide what happens on her own and not by virtue of the constitution or law.

Rule of law has been murdered and there is no how the fate of over 70 million Biafrans can be illegally determined by one woman without virtue. It is pertinent to also bring to the notice of Justice Binta Nyako that her relationship with Muhammed Buhari will not cost the people of Biafra and neither shall her corrupt family be redeemed with the blood of Nnamdi Kanu whom she doesn’t know. A law Court cannot be where one says what she wants but where one says what the law recognizes. By ruling that Nnamdi Kanu shall be tried in secret; Justice Binta Nyako has said what she wants as the owner of the Court but Biafrans say what the law recognizes and so reject secret trial.

In this same vein; Biafra Reporters wish to urge IPOB leadership to go back to drawing board as justice cannot be gotten in Nigeria. Civil or legal justice seems impossible in Nigeria and it is time to look for justice elsewhere. Justice can be found in the jungle; in International Court and Community Court, it is high time IPOB chose another approach to this legal disgrace occasioned by Nigerian Government. Justice Binta Nyako to step down is a welcomed development but another Judge that will take over is also appointed and decorated by Buhari.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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