18 Dec, 2016 Edition of Weekly Digest

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Once more; Chinenye Chukwu anchors as we bring to you this week's Weekly Digest. A busy week see us have the ruling of High Court presided over by Justice Binta Nyako as our signature headline and Wike’s outburst over Buhari’s  murderous security force. If you miss anything out of the case; be rest assured that Weekly Digest with Ifeanyi Chijioke and Chima Onyekachi featuring Chinenye Chukwu will make up for it.

Justice Binta Nyako has made her ruling according to what Buhari ordered but the real matter is what follows such illegal ruling. The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra shocked the world when he stood firmly in the Court and opposed the ruling which he described as travesty of Justice. In response to that position; millions of Indigenous People of Biafra have joined to say no to secret trial for the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra.

In America; Hillary Clinton and her campaign team are still making noise and perambulating; what on earth is wrong with these delusional people. The election is over and Donald Trump has won; there is opportunity for them next four years. If Jonathan and his team could forfeit everything; Clinton and Obama should forfeit theirs and think of making America Great.

Putin; the strong man has rubbished Obama’s legacy with what became of Syria; relax yourself and exhale, you will be shocked that Obama lost the war in Syria amidst thousands of lives lost. The disgrace continued with Obama crying that Russia interfered in America election. Under Obama; USA has become too vulnerable that even China was able to seize her underwater drone.

The long search for oil in the North has been said to come to fruition with crude oil found in Borno. This is great news to the people of old Eastern region as one thing that had been the cause of their ordeal has been found elsewhere. It is believed that oil became the reason for the long subjugation of the people of Biafra to enable exploitation of oil. As oil is found in Borno; the Northern oligarchy mounted by Britain can leave old Eastern region and enjoy the new found oil.

Femi Fani Kayode has once more pushed for Nnamdi Kanu’s case to be considered as his continued detention poses threat to the stability of Nigeria. Meanwhile; the lawlessness of Muhammed Buhari’s government continues to form the basis governance as Itse Sagay said that the unconfirmed EFCC chairman, Magu shall remain the chairman of the anti-graft agency whether Senate loves it or not.

Awkaibom Church has collapsed and as usual people died and it called our attention because our people have found solace in mental and religious slavery. It is high time we go back to our indigenous way of worship which deals more with reason than religious blindness.

Ike Ekweremadu has warned that days of oil are over; this is a wakeup call to the people still shouting Niger Delta, it is time everybody come together and embraces Biafra which is the only savior we have. PDP is crying that democracy has been erased by Muhammed Buhari; that is just the beginning; dictatorship will swallow every single one of them.

Wike is crying that police force and military evaded his State; he has also vowed that he would not fund the Police again. Little did this loved Governor of ours realize what Biafrans are fighting since a long time. There is time left for him to adjust and look to the future. He has also said that next general election will be war and hopefully many will die.

Peace Mass Transit has been accused by a Biafran Reporter of molestation and clampdown of Indigenous Reporters who had gone to cover the case of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. The accusation has not been sufficiently established and hence IPOB has not issued official order for action against the Transit Company. Biafrans are patiently waiting for order to come from Radio Biafra for full implementation of action.

Stay with us next week for your digest; coming from Biafra Reporters; Reporters for The Biafra Post, the trending Biafra news page.

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