Bruce Mayrock

▪ Author: Ifeanyi Chijioke ▪ Dec. 17, 2016
▪ Leader of Biafra Reporters/writes for TBP

Bruce Mayrock is a Jewish American that set himself on fire to protest and call attention or action on the state of Biafra. Just like Biafrans are being killed today and nobody is talking; Biafrans were killed in 1967 which frustrated Bruce Mayrock into setting himself on fire to push for action.

Mary Bernstein is an American based international activist who has dedicated her time to making sure that the people of Biafra regain their freedom to save them from State oppression and sponsored genocide. She became passionate about Biafra when she learnt of the 1967 genocide that cost the death of over one million children through starvation as a weapon of war. She has not been able to shake off the trauma the knowledge caused her because she was also a victim of child molestation or abuse. Severally; she has said that she can’t stand issue regarding children; and seeing a seven year old Biafran child shot to death by Nigerian military in the course of forceful suppression of Biafran activists; she has intensified her call for a free Biafra as a means to saving children and humanity.

Mary Bernstein 
She has a special heart for the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra whom she said takes after Jesus in her first public statement. She has gone on to write and campaign vigorously for the release of Nnamdi Kanu but each time she learns that unjust and bias Nigerian Judges subvert justice; she loses it often and on. The call for the release of Nnmadi Kanu that has not been heeded is dragging her into a pit of frustration.

She has written to international bodies and authorities and calling for intervention as the case of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is becoming a total violation of human rights. A staunch supporter of Trump because to her; Obama failed in everything sacred and just, she needed one that can bring justice to the oppressed and Trump candidacy took her sleep and time. She feels the world is doing little to save Biafrans and calling attention of the world she has prioritized; that same priority that cost Bruce Mayrock.

Frustration is often the cause of many cases of genocide in the world; it cannot be ruled out in this case, the recent denial of bail and approval of secret trial against Nnamdi Kanu has thrown her into a fresh frustration. This development has sparked strange dispositions and intensified her efforts to calling attention to the state of things in Biafra. Comments like “My sad wings of destiny are only until Nnamdi Kanu freed- then I released-free” and “I want Nnamdi Kanu released more than you know because I feel I am released from this life..this assignment” graced her facebook account.

However; she went further to explaining how her Atheistic husband promised to criminate her against her wish if she dies but was hopeful that Biafrans won’t let something against her wish happen to her “I don’t want this to be my final resting place….I have tried to get away, please do not let this be my end, the final act of disrespect after 25years of marriage” she said. Strangely; what brought up the issue of death is unknown to Biafrans who only starred and assured her that they would always be with her and pray for her. She further wrote; “I am dead already just waiting to catch up the physical with the spiritual” without details.

Then again she updated her Facebook cover photo with ‘Bruce Mayrock, Mary Bernstein, remember us’ written on a fair animated cloud which signifies ‘IN HEAVEN’. This stroke fears that she could be battling to go the way of Bruce Mayrock. The sufferings and killings of the people of Biafra had always sparked such action. During the time of Bruce Mayrock; it was Gowon who ordered genocide against Biafrans and the world kept mute which forced Bruce Mayrock’s suicide. Today; with the uploaded video by Amnesty International; it is clear that genocide is going on again in Biafra and the world is not yet talking and fear it might trigger another Bruce Mayrock in Mary Bernstein is festering.

Biafrans who privately reacted to Ifeanyi Chijioke noted that they would be disappointed to see Mary Bernstein go the way of Bruce Mayrock; noting that Biafra has already come and they hope to live in Biafra with her. Some were of the opinion that she should be placed under suicide watch list and should be shown only good things about Biafra. Reacting to the news Onyeka Ugodimma pointed that Mary taking her time off to calm her nerves may be solution to her frustration. “Everybody who loves justice and peace is frustrated; Nigerian State is disappointment to a free world. Mary Bernstein cannot help herself and right now she needs somebody; Biafrans don’t want to lose that one person that fights vigorously” he said.

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