Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; Leader of IPOB reacting after the ruling granting govt. request for a masked witness

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 17, 2016

A society denied of justice, fair rule and hearing to her citizens is in reality a lawless state which can cause its masses to resort to crimes. In such a society the masses are left to choose between a fate to live or die in the creed of a tyrant.

The jamboree that took place in Justice Binta Nyako's court room on 13th of December 2016 for a supposely qualified Judge to have welcomed the notion for the executive to shield their witnesses in a case that many resolutions had been reached upon. The nod to allow masked witnesses to testify against Nnamdi Kanu alone is enough ground to disqualify Justice Binta Nyako from presiding over this high profile case.

First thing Justice Binta Nyako should have done would have be; to counter Buhari's plea of shielding his witnesses against a man that was accused and dehumanized in the open; she ought to have questioned the Nigeria government for wanting their witness to be shielded at all cost which should have been the platform for her to operate from rather she failed and was pocketed.

Justice Binta Nyako should have by now known that competent judges within the judiciary in their wisdom had earlier considered this case a void case and had granted him Nnamdi Kanu unconditional release which General Buhari in his usual tyrant behavior ordered his DSS to flout the court orders all in a bid to make sure that Nnamdi Kanu renounces Biafra or be jailed.

Justice Binta Nyako should know that it is a taboo in the legal field that when a case has been deliberated upon and ruling passed by the judge; and for the executive to interfere or reverse it amounts to "disobedience of court order". Flouting a court order to release a suspect only to come back with an amended charges in the same case that had been ruled by a judge in-charge is a mockery to the judiciary.

For Justice Binta Nyako to have given a nod for a mask witness to testify in a case that does not warrant it in a common law country, it is pertinent to question her qualifications as a judge, the law school she attended and under whose chamber did she carried out her law internship programme so on and forth.

This same case which has previously been ruled out by Justice Binta Nyako's fellow colleagues in the bench should have beamed light on her not to create rooms for amended suit to allow masked witnesses. The attitude displayed by Justice Binta Nyako shows clear indication for suspense, foul play as justice is placed in the balance to favour the Nigeria government under tyrant Buhari who is the highest bidder lobbying and buying judges over to help him pronounce Nnamdi Kanu guilty and jail him.

Justice Binta Nyako should have continued with the case in a fair and open court since she had declared interest to continue from where corrupt "Injustice Tsoho's" gimmick stopped and ended, but with Justice Binta Nyako accommodating the executive plea to shield their witnesses has contradicted her stand in this case as a bias and pocketed judge with the intent of covering up for Buhari as she would not like to humiliate her pay master.

With this affront on ground we say no to secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu and any other IPOB members as self determination is not a crime against humanity rather a call to preserve and promote the continuous existence of humanity.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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