Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; Leader of IPOB leaving Abuja High Court after Justice Binta Nyako ruled in favour of Govt. to use masked witnesses against him

■ Author: Ifeanyi Chijioke ■ Writes for The Biafra Post / Leader of 'Biafra Reporters'
■ Twitter: @Biafrapost ■ December 16, 2016

It would only take a fool or a man that doesn’t know his right to be jailed by Buhari and Justice Binta Nyako simply for peacefully asking them to conduct referendum. The man did not attack or confront them; but banked on freedom of speech upon which he propagated his wish. If such man is jailed in 21st century then it is a very big shame to democracy, common sense and knowledge. I join to say that Binta Nyako and Muhammed Buhari are not learned enough to jail Nnamdi Kanu; for it would be abuse of our knowledge or wisdom.

To jail Nnamdi Kanu will be an iron to crack; the impossibility of jailing Nnamdi Kanu is gotten from the fact that law backed agitation for self determination and is not a unique thing. Notwithstanding that law backed self determination; making the agitation a peaceful one adds to the impossibility that Nnamdi Kanu can be jailed by any law or man born of human being. Killing Nnamdi Kanu and after killing him in Abia, Anambra, Igweocha, Delta state etc and he did not retaliate and yet you want to jail him, that is madness or bigotry at its peak. To jail Nnamdi Kanu; Binta Nyako must be learned enough and stop thinking that Nnamdi Kanu is a fool or one corrupt Nigerian politician he can throw into the prison.

Let me borrow a recent phrase made by an International lawyer who said that Nnamdi Kanu is no longer an individual but a nation or people. It can be buttressed that Justice Binta Nyako and Buhari really think Nnamdi Kanu is a fool; if not they won’t be really going about jailing him this blatantly, in illegal way. How could you jail Nnamdi Kanu when millions of him are scattered outside the Court and ready to resist injustice against him with their lives? How could you poorly or rather contravene every stipulated procedure of the law or constitution in an effort to jail Nnamdi Kanu? It is high time they stopped thinking Nnamdi Kanu is a fool and obey Court orders and follow due process. It needs extra-ordinary knowledge or supernatural education to jail Nnamdi Kanu; as it stands, they are not learned enough to jail him neither have they superior argument or reason.

Nnamdi Kanu is not a fool; he knows his worth, he knows his right, and he is learned enough to counter Buhari and Justice Binta Nyako. Justice Binta Nyako is a graduate of ‘strike’ inflicted Nigerian University where sex is exchanged for grades. Buhari is a suspect of no education and one begins to wonder how such people could jail learned man that acquired knowledge in London; where civilization they (Whiteman) claimed began in history of mankind; even though civilization actually started in Accient Egypt in Africa. This is democracy and not dictatorial dispensation where Buhari can jail anyone he likes; whatsoever reason Justice Binta Nyako has, democracy brings the battle to how learned one is to execute a wish or plan.

I will be going further on everything Nnamdi Kanu said after Justice Binta Nyako ruled in favor of Buhari that he shall be tried in secret. Buhari publicly accused Nnamdi Kanu and even made a submission, now he is angling to try Nnamdi Kanu in secret, that is typically asking too much, Nnamdi Kanu is being targeted to be jailed and what will not be acceptable is to jail him in secret.

Justice Binta and Buhari really think Nnamdi Kanu is a fool; she thought she is presiding over one corruption case or one scandal or another. This very woman has no reservation for a role model like Nnamdi Kanu. If for nothing; Justice Binta Nyako should be honored that she is trying a champion; one whose knowledge is there with the earth’s best.

On December 1st when the trial Judge denied Nnamdi Kanu bail; she smartly anchored her reason on the fact that the charges against Nnamdi Kanu are ‘grievous’. I was tensed but there was the need to give the thoughtless or rather poorly educated Judge time to prove herself. After such ruling; I asked myself, so my business partner could go before this woman and tell her I conspired and terrorized him; without providing evidence to buttress the accusations and this wayward Justice will remand me, that is nothing short of thoughtless ruling or cowardice,

Justice Binta Nyako on 13th of December acted like she has been given the illegal power she needed to do anything she wants. Disregard the ethics of the Court or law; rules according to her wish and not according to the law or constitution. She deeply thinks Nnamdi Kanu is a fool who would fold his arm and be subjected to injustice or subversive justice. This woman has lost her head; she quickly forgot that she is dealing with the most learned leader she has ever known.

Nigerian Court operates under common law which endorses that an accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty; endorses that fair hearing is paramount to any matter before the Court and also endorses that nobody shall be tried in secret hence open trial is strange under common law. Justice Binta Nyako overlooked the tenet of common law and suddenly turned the Court into a Sharia Court where everything is possible. She did not smartly go about this action but blatantly went about it because she thinks Nnamdi Kanu is a fool. To jail Nnamdi Kanu; one must be learned enough to device means or pattern to execute such thing.

Buhari and Justice Binta Nyako have proven they did not get enough education to go about their illegal business. They have shown ignorance and lack of knowledge; they have sheepishly gone about the business of illegality and to their faces; Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that not even their calibre can jail him. The millions of Nnamdi Kanu all over the world join to say they cannot jail their leader; if Justice Binta is learned as presumed, she would have urged Buhari to drop the matter against Nnamdi Kanu because that is what a learned Judge would do.

Buhari who said he could not attend school due to military interest has dragged Justice Binta Nyako into the mud. This is possible because Nigerian education which Justice Binta Nyako was made of is dead and smelling. The product of the dead and smelling school is what we see today; it is an illiterate controlling a literate, it is a Judge jailing a peaceful activist, it is a judge dismantling law and enthroning her wish, it is everything wrong with the trial of Nnamdi Kanu. But one message is clear; they cannot jail Nnamdi Kanu because they are not educated enough to do that.

■ Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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