Nigerian Military killing and torturing Biafrans

By Chima Onyekachi
December 06, 2016

There is no part of Biafra land that is under any form of famine, religious or political crisis but the land is under siege by the murderous Nigeria Armed forces, whose aim is to assist the Fulani herdsmen in the extermination of the people of Biafra. The Nigeria Army has launched a guerrilla style warfare in Biafra land codenamed ‘Operation Python Dance’, after denying and ridiculing the report from Amnesty International, over its indictment in the extrajudicial execution of over 150 peaceful Biafrans after forensic investigation by the international human rights watchdog. The Nigeria Air force also launched similar warfare exercise codenamed ‘Operation Eagle Eye’ in Biafra land. Recall ‘Operation Crocodile Smile’ launched earlier in Biafra land has not yet been disbanded.

President Muhammadu Buhari, an Islamic fundamentalist, whose urge for exterminating Biafrans knows no bound, has orchestrated an onslaught against the people of Biafra, exactly as he did during his participation in the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70. Buhari is working in collaboration with his fellow northern Muslim and Hausa-Fulani occupying strategic command position in the Nigeria Army; Chief of Army Staff: T.Y Burutai, GOC of the 82nd Division in Enugu: Major Gen Ibrahim Attahiru; the Deputy Army Spokesman of the 82nd Division: Col Sagir Musa and his predecessor, Col Hamza Gambo; the Commandant of the 302 Artillery Regiment, Onitsha, Col Isa Abdullahi Maigari;  Major M.I. Ibrahim of the Military Police and the Commander of the 144 Battalion Ukwa in Abia State; Lt Col Kasim Sidi Umar.  These men in connivance with most governors, politicians. elders and commissioners of police in Biafra land have continuously perpetrated the extrajudicial execution of Biafrans. These massacres against the people of Biafra have been documented by Amnesty International and dubbed “a chilling campaign of extrajudicial executions and violence” against the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The North East of Nigeria is under severe famine and destruction from Islamic terrorists group Boko Haram with ‘Operation Lafiya Do’ operating only in Borno State to counter the menace. Governor El-rufai of Kaduna state is paying foreign herdsmen from invading and attacking Southern Kaduna, while the Nigeria army is nowhere in sight. The Governor of Kano state has asked for military intervention in his state to forestall the influx of terrorists from the North east but there is still no military exercise ongoing there yet. It is obvious that it is the northern part of Nigeria that needs serious military operations and not the peaceful land of Biafra.

President Buhari is keenly interested in the clampdown and killing of peaceful demonstrators and protesters in Biafra land rather than solving the growth of recession, hunger, refugees, poverty and BokoHaram that has befallen northern Nigeria. The Nigeria government has created a war zone in Biafra land while running from the real war zone in Borno state. The eastern region is the most peaceful zone to live in Nigeria, as attested by a recent UN Report, with the Northeast having an unprecedented proportion of security threats mostly from BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

The Nigeria Military, under the cover of “Rules of Engagement” has engaged in the killing, wounding, torturing, abduction and persecuting of peaceful and innocent Biafrans seeking their right to self-determination. While BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists engaging in killings and destruction are been awarded amnesty and protected by the President.

The blockade of major roads and bridges in Biafra land by the Nigeria Army is on rapid increase. The blockade is being done on purpose to inflict Biafrans with psychological torture and stress. The blockade is also for the purpose of criminal enrichment via forceful collection and pocketing of millions of naira in an organized roadblock extortion through open and closed sources. According to a survey by renowned human rights group, INTERSOCIETY, there are not less than 200 military roadblocks and 1000 police roadblocks on Southeast Roads as at 4th of December 2016, not counting those in the so called South south part of Nigeria. The blockade in the cities and villages in Biafra land, is to strangulate the people of Biafra socially, culturally and economically, and to further the massacre of innocent men women and children.

The Nigeria Military senseless invasion of Biafra land is a direct provocation against the people of Biafra who are seeking for their independence. The aim of the Nigeria soldiers sent to Biafra land is to provoke an outright war in Biafra land in order to justify the annihilation of Biafrans. These Nigeria combatants are mostly illiterates of Hausa-Fulani origin and members of BokoHaram given amnesty by president Buhari.

The Indigenous People of Biafra have engaged in every peaceful approach towards their self-determination rights but have always been met with crude and barbaric resistance from the Nigeria government. The military siege in Biafra land cannot deter the resolve of the people from the restoration of Biafra. In fact, the invasion has undoubtedly proven that the rights of the people of Biafra can never be respected or recognized in Nigeria as they are seen as conquered people.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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