Buhari and Igbo political harlots at Aso Rock

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 06, 2016

Buhari has always tried to code and encrypt his messages when ever he is in a meeting or other engagements with some people of Biafra extraction more especially the sell out Senators and Elders. His messages has always displayed his low level of reasoning coupled with his frustration towards the Biafra restoration project. He always try to encrypt his messages to them to caution their people from demanding for a new Nation and embrace Nigeria which when often decoded remains unacceptable to us.

Buhari's Hausa-Fulani parasitic nature has made him not to embrace his Arewa Nationality and allow people who have carved out a niche for themselves to forge ahead with their God given mandate to restore their Biafra Nationality back which was stolen from them as a result of Nigeria creation. Buhari failed to understand that before the coming of the British that it is either that Arewa is your Nationality, Oduduwa or Biafra simple as that; but due to his vile and despotic nature has always caused him the moral to question this simple facts that remained unadulterated than threatening fire and brimstone every time he makes his stand known to the world regarding Biafra.

Buhari's ancestral parasitic nature of milking out life out of a cow until the cow dies has remained in his blood and genetic code, the mental deranged old man had vowed to keep milking life out of the Biafrans from exercising their right to self determination using the expired euphoria Nigeria that he cherished so much to cage other people against their wish and decision to walk out of this shackles called Nigeria.

It can be seen over that Mohammadu Buhari the Nigerian tyrant is not in tune with realities happening around the clock that times has changed in the world, the way the people and the political class view and perceive things or would I state that the old man is suffering from brain damage caused as a result of his involvement in the useless and senseless civil war which nature is paying him back in its own coin.

Buhari never in his bewilderment thought it right that Biafra he fought against will ever rise to the International stage where sane mind will ask questions as to why these people are agitating to go and live in peace. It is to his chagrin that he failed to understand that he Buhari cannot decide the fate of Biafrans in Nigeria in this dispensation that we are in. The people decide their fate to either continue in a union or opt out as Buhari is hell bent to massacre more Biafrans to keep his Nigeria together by forcing his individual decision against a people who has vowed that it is either Biafra or Death while the good people of the world look on.

Buhari arrogates power to himself as a tyrant he is, that even in a democracy he dictates the "do and don't" to other arms of government. His crude behavior of ordering his security agencies to lash out disciplinery measures against opposition voices from all corners. He is now effectively the mouth piece of the judiciary that decides who should be indicted or not. It engrosses me how a sitting judge credited that Buhari's speech was anchored on freedom of expression thereby exonerating him of controlling the judiciary; but same judge failed to tell us that Nnamdi Kanu's speeches were also his right on freedom of expression rather she tagged it to be a threat to National security. It is now obvious that the judiciary has been raped of its power to dispense justice.

As we look forward to the Biafra referendum come 2017, I urge the Nigerian tyrant to take a fast move and work on his dead brain as we have consolidately looked beyond what his court can or will give to us no more. This is no longer the dark cloud of 1967-1970 that he Buhari killed Biafrans for exercising their collective rights to be in Biafra, and he massacred them without no trial for committing genocide and war time crimes against humanity. And in abetting the genocide, the British helped them cover their evil against the Biafrans.

Biafrans are now asking the sellout elders to desist from using this struggle to mean rebuilding all the decayed infrastructures in Biafraland or be referred to as inclusive government. It is either Biafra or we die trying to get it.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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