President-elect - Donald J Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Twitter: @Biafrapost

December 09, 2016

The last time I wrote a piece on Donald Trump was when he won the historic 45th quest for American presidency; his 306 Electoral College vote was able to land him on the floor of that Oval office. Prior to the election; nobody including me came close to the thought that he would win the Electoral College with a landslide. As the case panned out to be; Americans are not fools, they would eventually go for a man that would put them first.

You might tag the ideology of Donald Trump racism or hate; that does not make him what you think; one’s perception of Donald Trump is solely his own. Millions of people out there have different perceptions; to Americans, they have that of greatness and passion. To Biafrans, they have that of justice and truth; more or less like their incarcerated leader - Nnamdi Kanu.

The first time I wrote a piece on Donald Trump; I did because I saw a man I would plead Americans to substitute for all the Leaders in African continent. I am actually losing something for not being an American in this era; it is more painful that Nnamdi Kanu that has the potentials of Donald Trump is incarcerated simply for speaking like Donald Trump. Trump has constantly criticized African leaders; but when Nnamdi Kanu did same thing he was thrown into the prison.

I have heard in some quarters that Donald Trump is a racist and many other fowl things; I am not always angry because I know love has a lot to do with jealousy. One must be jealous to demonstrate strong love and that is where Donald Trump found himself. He is jealous of America; he strongly loves America and that has made him a bitter person for those that want to politick in politics and not play love in politics.

Those that negatively view Donald Trump know less or don’t know what love is all about; they failed to grasp that love for America made Donald Trump jealous of the State. Today he wants America to be great; he wants to protect America from migrants that may pollute the Country. He doesn’t want to risk anything; he wants everyone to be very stable where they are but won’t trade America for anything.

He has said that America will not overthrow any Government; he would not change any Government, he has signaled that he would maintain peace and stability in the world; he would make sure justice is done. He wants a better world so that America can enjoy her values and greatness and not share it with anyone. He wants sufficient life for every American and he is ready to do anything for that; this is why he would allow people of the world to freely engage; give Indigenous People the field to aspire and create friendly ground for the world to reach their aspirations.

I am once more writing on Donald Trump because I have seen what made Americans choose him; prior to the election, the mainstream media has given Hillary Clinton victory but Americans were patiently waiting for their time. Their time came on 8th November and I watched them passionately gave victory to the man I described as the epitome of State-love.

I might have not sufficiently followed the President-Elect but I have followed things that matter a lot; like the Boeing cancellation. I have also followed the job creation by virtue of making companies to remain in America or calling new ones to invest in America. I have followed his decisive approach in making sure that working class and unemployed Americans smile again. I have followed the moves towards making America great which would start by getting infrastructures in place and lifting the economy to a higher place.

Above all; I have followed his love for America, if Donald Trump could love America to the point of loving her flag and deems it illegal or disrespect to burn the flag, then it is arguable that no one can love America like Donald Trump. I am curious about this flag which is the major reason or where I anchor my argument because loving America to her flag is amazing. The recent call for punishment to the people that burn American flag is nothing but love-obsession. Then when this love-obsession is reflected on his recent actions; you will find out that no one can love America like Donald Trump.

The announcement that he would not be receiving his salaries; the call that he would put the business he has done all his life aside for America. The call to cancel the move by Boeing for another air force one, the move to press for a stay of companies and the move to call for new companies to invest or build their plants in America. All these moves are nothing short of making America great; I have also fallen in love with this man that I am planning to name my first son Donald Trump Chijioke.

This love has made him achieve something Obama could not achieve in eight years even when he has not taken his position. This love has made him put America first by reaching out to people that will make America great instead of politicking. He called Taiwan President because Taiwan has something for America; and he would call the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra because America will benefit immensely from Biafra. Donald Trump is all about what will make America great and not politicking, subjugating people, changing Governments or overthrowing Governments in the name of politics. He does everything out of love for Americans and to make America great; he would cross boundaries for America, he will be coming up with surprises and in the end, America will be GREAT AGAIN.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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