Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; Leader of IPOB

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Twitter: @Biafrapost
December 09, 2016

We have not heard the sound of a gunshot; we have not heard the Presidency say that the army has been compromised and may usurp the seat of power. We have not heard or seen any armed group arrested for treasonable felony. We have not had any clue of treasonable felony or perceived it anywhere; from whence came the treasonable felony charges against Nnamdi Kanu?

Nnamdi Kanu does not live in Nigeria or taken any action in Nigeria; he has not had any business or deal with a Nigerian before. He does not know any politician nor has interest in Nigerian politics; neither has he shown any form of interest in the leadership of Nigeria in any capacity. He has only talked from a radio in far away London; nobody knows him except his voice and one begins to wonder how he committed crimes in Nigeria. So how magically could Nnamdi Kanu commit treasonable felony among many things grievous that he was charged with? The Judges trying him has a lot to ask their mind and Buhari has a lot to be aware of.

To keep the record straight; Nnamdi Kanu has never touched, fought or physically confronted anyone neither has anyone touched, fought or physically confronted anyone for him. He has never called or planned with anyone to overthrow Buhari’s Government but has only urged all with reason to demand for referendum. Nobody has ever denied these facts and that is where I shall anchor my argument. The elastic spirit; (let me not figuratively go about this expression) the perseverance of Nnamdi Kanu and everybody under him deserves commendation. In spite of the military provocation; the injustices, and the hatred as a result of bigotry shown to Nnamdi Kanu and his people, they have continued to be peaceful.

The word ‘confrontation’ in this context shall be used for everything that has to do with action. Vividly; I am aware that the Federal Government of Nigeria did not state that their charges are based on what Nnamdi Kanu said; they said the charges were based on what he did. One of the Charges states that he committed treasonable felony; by the use of the word ‘committed’ without detailing or noting that the commitment was verbal even though they unruly decide to make such claim, the accusers mean he confronted or physically engaged in the crime.

The accusers are very much aware of the power of freedom of speech which would dismantle the charges or any argument they might have come up with or will come up with. They shamelessly accused a man that lives in London of a crime in Nigeria and also accused him of terrorism. They have failed to detail the accusation, is truth terrorizing them or is voice of reason winning them to have tagged such victory treasonable felony? I don’t know where they are coming from because with the charges against Nnamdi Kanu; it would take magic for all to be possible.

The accusers went on to state that Nnamdi Kanu committed all the crimes he was accused of in Nigeria. This very position made the charges against Nnamdi Kanu magical; we earlier on admitted and still admit that Nnamdi Kanu has never confronted anyone neither has any one confronted for him. We are also agreeing that Nnamdi Kanu lives in London and never been part of Nigeria. The question is; how could someone far away in London commit grievous crimes in Nigeria. It would only take magic for such thing to happen; I would have gone for sorcery but I disbelieve that Nnamdi Kanu’s spirit can operate in Nigeria while he is in London. I also disbelief that literally asking for referendum can be treasonable felony; I entirely disagree in all fronts.

The accuser’s position that Nnamdi Kanu is planning to usurp the Government of Buhari made a complete mystery; one begins to wonder how a call for referendum is treasonable. How can treason be committed on the Radio and how can talking without presence result to treasonable felony? Buhari has continued to say he won’t allow referendum instead of saying he won’t cease fire on the war to take over his Government going on in Nigeria to buttress the charges before the Court. Where and where is treasonable felony coming from and who would like to inherit a savaged Country like Nigeria?

We have not seen anywhere there is a gun battle for the implementation of the treasonable felony in question. We have only seen a people mercilessly shot and genocide being committed against them for peacefully and legally asking the Government of Buhari to allow them determine their future. There is no reason to be in the Court in the first place; the constitution gave room for peaceful agitation to curb violence or armed agitation and Nnamdi Kanu and his people have utilized that wisdom of the constitution to go about the business of choice or desire.

Nnamdi Kanu is not a magician to have committed such crime and the worst aspect of the whole irrelevant and politically motivated charges is that  the Judiciary has been hijacked which saw a Commonwealth Country angling for secret trial which posits that the accused has been condemned before trial. The Judiciary has not done enough to stand against injustice and balance the Government of Muhammed Buhari.

I will cross my arm and wait for the trial of the magical criminal as posited by Buhari; on 13th of December, the trial Judge will rule if Nigeria will no longer be Commonwealth Country by changing everything or maintain justice. Nnamdi Kanu has always forced Nigeria to change and neglect her constitutions; he forced Buhari to disobey the orders of two competent Court of jurisdiction. He forced a puppet Judge to rule and overrule himself on the same litigant, Court and matter. I will patiently wait for the next action; when I will have a story to tell the world.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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