By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 09, 2016

The Nigeria Military can be classified as men of no valor, it is a comic thing to do in this computerized century for the Nigeria Military to keep on dehumanizing the Nigeria society with the sham called "Rule of Engagement" on the Indigenous People of Biafra who were unarmed agitating for their collective interest to self-determination which is a universal law.

The Nigeria Military became so fast to responds to the claims and assertions inferred by Amnesty International in their findings involving the Nigeria government and her Military wing, accusing them of using brutal force against the Biafran citizens which in their frustration gave in a retarded response without concise facts and figures to back up their cooked up report, of which in reality the Nigeria government is culpable of inhumane crimes against humanity.

The Nigeria Military men are the real night wolves that derive joy  devouring the human flesh at nights while in the day becomes domesticated animals, I wonder why the Nigeria Military wing of Federal Government has chosen to keep on making a mockery of herself in the world's Military gallery, in their timidity lacks the knowledge of International best practices on how the Military respond to internal challenges devoid of army twisting, the only order they return to, is killing them all.

It is so heart aching that the Nigeria Military sees "killing and denial" impromptu as their "regular trademark" with the backing of the Federal government of Nigeria who always helps them bury their evil against humanity and re-write history. In a sane society the absolute role of the Military is to stand and defend her citizens against external force which tend to undermine the survival of her citizenry but in Nigeria at the behest of the Nigeria Federal Government, the military turned themselves to killing machines, wolves, vampires and vultures after the lives they are meant to defend and protect thereby festering feeding on them.

Without disputation, it is on record that the Nigeria Military wing of the Federal Government has caused more harm than good since its inception, going from history lanes "The Civil War" an estimated 3.5 million lives was lost in the space of three years between 1967-1970, "The Bayelsa Massacre" under Obasanjo Democratic regime atrocities 1999-2007, "The Shiite Muslims Massacre" under Brutal  and General Buhari's order, "The IPOB Massacre" under General Buhari's command all took place within a year range 2015-2016, and the killing is still ongoing without the media reporting it. 

The Military in their bruteness failed to give out accurate information the world needed of them, no video recording of any kind showing the world that IPOB engaged them in a battlefield, vile in reasoning to present X-rays results how their members got shots in different horizons from IPOB members, no picture taken to display that IPOB members were armed to teeth, no pictures of how IPOB members buried their soldiers in  shallow graves, no pictures to show that their military members were burned alive using combustible materials by IPOB members, no pictures to show that IPOB members used acid to decimate their military members on the said fronting.

What this Nigeria Military failed to understand that analysis are being carried out using so many raw data's available in the crime scene in different formats which Amnesty International taught tyrant Buhari and his Military arrow head General Brutal without misconstruing facts and figures for the public views and deliberations on what is happening in Nigeria under Buhari, it is with these findings that prompt Amnesty International to pronounced this barbaric "Chilling Killing" which implies that the Nigeria Military derives joy killing her citizens rather than defend and protect them and in the face of all these atrocities meted out against them, IPOB members raised alarm calling on their representatives, senators and governors sharing the crumbles from Buhari's table to talk to their master to stop this unnecessary killing of their members, they all became muted and aloof now that Amnesty International had released their report on the Nigeria Government they represent they have suddenly become wise in their cowardice and sheepishly asking the Nigeria government corrupt house to investigate the killing of self-determination activists.

I wish to correct the Nigeria Military on their false reportage over IPOB members they killed, the area is known as Biafra was not under siege like the North Eastern part of Nigeria, people there are law abiding citizens, people were going about doing their businesses, nobody was killed like the dreaded Boko Haram sect are decimating people in the North East rather herdsmen killed Biafrans in their homes and farms without even the Military using the "Rule of Engagement" on them, it has become imperative that that the world place sanctions on Nigeria Government for using her Military wing to commit wartime crimes against humanity and it is on this premise that we pass a vote of no confidence in the Nigeria Government for failing us in this dispensation, both our Governors and Senators are not exceptional to this motion of censure as we have found it statutorily okay to place our allegiance in the Biafra struggle where our lives and properties will be protected.

Mr.Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporter



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