Chief Justice

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
November 03, 2016

This bully of a nation named by the British to enslave Biafrans should be put to a stop by well meaning people of the society. The term called the Northern Nigeria Judiciary System existing in a country where it is believed that different constituents made up the country called Nigeria but it is no longer a news that we have an effective judiciary council set aside by the North used to bully and silence their fellow country men, all in the name of witch hunting, phrase coined fighting corruption.

The Northern Nigeria should be made to know that we are no longer in the dark cloud century again. This illegality marauding as a legal body that only exist in the North was used of recent by the executive that mandated the DSS to intimidate the Nigeria Judiciary System by kidnapping some judges in a gestapo style thereby violating the supreme separation of powers that exist independently without inference from the executive. Nigeria as I was taught were supposed to have a one effective judiciary council that look into the affairs of the state in legal matters but it has become expedient to note that, that is a fraud in Nigeria of today existing among the Arewas.

The term Northern Nigeria Judiciary simply means that the Northern Nigeria geographical space is a sovereign Republic before the very eye of Nigeria that the Indigenous people residing in that space are purely different from the rest of Nigeria, it totally means that a Northern Republic exist in Nigeria as a Republic. What a hypocrisy? Then Nigeria is a fraud in all entirety because we have not come across anything existing as Southern Judiciary Council of Nigeria.

Amalgamation means that two or more different things were joined together to form a unit having equal right to exercise their beliefs but it has become apparent and pertinent to ask questions to the legality of the unity of Nigeria if one region will always cherish to maim, bully and intimidate their fellow to ever remain commoners or servants in a country that all should be treated equal without disdain.

This evil of Buhari meddling into the affairs of the Judiciary has exposed the evil behind the North dying hard on one Nigeria slogan, it literary means that the North are practicing their right to self autonomy yet killing any person that will rise up to challenge this evil taking shape unabated in Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu did and Buhari jailed him for speaking up, that they may continue to subject and subjugate Biafrans Nnamdi Kanu's people into total slavery.
The amalgamation error of 1914 by the British on African soil should be abolished without hesitation and put to the trash bin because it did caused more harm than good.

Buhari should know that most economic policies that put Nigeria into this ugly trend of recession was invented by the Northern Military Head of State making the North susceptible to corrupt practices not the Judiciary. It is on record that the North built and destroyed Nigeria in all rounds.
Buhari came into power to intimidate, harass, bully and forcing unlawful disappearance of persons that do not abide by his wishes, to instil fear into the judiciary for standing with Nnamdi Kanu's quest on self determination. Buhari the 5% you referred as inconsequential has denied you access to their resources opting for self determination since they are insignificant to your government lo and behold you killed them for asking for Biafra, jailed their leader when you know that their fight is a just cause.

Buhari; it is where you failed  that Nnamdi Kanu employed to teach you a lesson not to forget in a hurry and you can no longer suffocate life out of that child that you refused to treat as your own.

Bye Bye Nigeria welcome Biafra.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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