By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
November 03, 2016

I take this in high esteem that the United Nations should wake Mr.Buhari up from his slumber over his defamatory and inflammatory statements at will to display his low intellects and frustration on the rights of indigenous peoples to which Biafra is not exceptional to that quest. It is absolutely immoral for Buhari to decide a people's fate in a union which the accord joining them together maybe put to be abolished through a legal process which IPOB uphold in strong terms.

Buhari, should stop this his comic and retarded approach of always coming out to instigate our brothers in the riverine area or south of Biafra to see light in one Nigeria which is a destructive light indeed. General Buhari should stop hallucinating that come 8 of November 2016, Kanu will be jailed as he has perfected plans with Justice Binta Nyako over her "evil" called "ruling"(s) which will take place on the said date.

United Nations on their will power should warn Buhari to stop imposing silence on Biafrans over their rights to self determination and self autonomy as that is a pure act of lawlessness and disobedience of the culture and norms of which the United Nations as a body was established to champion the humanity cause which General Buhari is abusing mercilessly without orders coming from the UN to tame the wildness in him.

A fight for justice, freedom, and right to liberty of life is not anti-Nigeria, a fight for self determination within the federating units that make up the Nigeria state is not anti-Nigeria issue. Therefore IPOB is raising alarm over what they considered as inadequate jurisprudence attitude of what Justice Binta Nyako will display that very day because the executive has instructed her on what to say and the judgement to pronounced. So therefore it has become a matter of urgency and a call of exigency for Justice Binta Nyako to tell Buhari in the face to bow out and free Nnamdi Kanu together with Biafra which is his solemn rights to freedom, liberty, justice to live as humanity observe.

Nigeria is in a rhetoric case now under Buhari as it's left of the Nigeria people to decide their fate and course in life not the presidency and his biased and pocketed Justice(s) in the judiciary to do so and using that  geographical name to commit war crimes against humanity is a big slap on the part of UN for their silence means that UN is abetting and supporting inhumanity in Nigeria and African continent at large.

It is quite reasonable to state here that Buhari govt had ventured into partnership with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO to shutdown Radio Biafra group page to help enable him continue with his  intimidations and killing of Biafrans unreported, Buhari arbitrary use of presidential power to instill fear and harass bloggers, inducement of social media platforms is an act of infringement on the freedom of the press and information which characterize who a dictator is. Freedom of information was enacted by the Nigeria 7th Senate under Goodluck Jonathan administration for all free people to enjoy without intimidation which Buhari is grossly abusing, both local and international treaties and conventions are in support of this right and self determination by a people.

Antiquated laws passed to Nigeria during the colonial rule and era, such as sedition and laws criminalizing self determination in Nigeria pertinent to freedom should be thrown into the trash bin and not to be uphold anymore as those practices are acts of restrictions of freedom of expression by a people.

Justice Binta Nyako, should not insult the UN before the eyes of the world come November 8 2016 as Buhari in his erratic behaviours has made it clear to the UN that not even the courts are safe heavens for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, that Kanu challenged the Nigeria state on self determination at his peril resulting to his illegally incarceration; a big slap to the UN in the sense that self determination that the UN uphold as being sacrosanct is deteriorating to a deplorable state, the judiciary has compromised in their set objectives, we now have a  dishonest Judiciary system under the control of the executive arm of government.

Buhari recent speech at the UN should have pushed the body to hold him (Buhari) responsible over the unnecessary killing of IPOB members and Shiite Muslims in Nigeria, it is crystal clear that the space for freedom of humanity in Nigeria's public sphere is shrinking and shaking, a climate of security agents/agencies silencing the perceived freedom fighters is a big atrocity that the world must compel Buhari to stop.
Nigeria state under Buhari has continued to threaten and silence opposition voices.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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