Buhari and Shekau 

By Godwin Chinedu
November 03, 2016

Muhammadu Buhari led a military junta from 1983-85 and now he is heading a democratic junta from May 27, 2015 till date, he is now popularly referred to as the "Hitler of Africa". Buhari plotted a coup and overthrew a democratic elected government of Shehu Shagari and serve as a dictator from 1983-85. In 2015, after a massive media deception and image laundering as a repentant Democrat, he was rigged into power with the support of outgoing U.S President Barack Obama and former British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Those foreign leaders and many others were deceived into believing that Muhammadu Buhari will end his dictatorship traits and established a true democracy, but on the contrary his policies have resulted in the crash of the economy, he is on a vendetta against political oppositions, has a hallmark of fragrant disobedience of competent court orders, and has gone as much as issuing directive that is resulting in the killing of over two thousand innocent Biafrans and counting, whose supposed crime is demanding to exercise their right to self-determination, enshrined in the United Nations Charter on Human Right. Hundreds of the Islamic Shitte group were not left out in the butchery of the administration, because the Chief of Army Staff Burutai and Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai felt threatened by the loyalty of members of the group to their leader El-zazakay.

Muhammadu Buhari has initiated and supervised fascist policies that resulted in thousands of death and he is also succeeding in bastardizing the Judicial arm of government in Nigeria. You may be wondering, what is the fate of the three arms of government after Dictator Buhari has severally failed to observe and obey court others? I understand that all over the world that the three branches of government are made to be independent, a system that separates power between different branches. In Nigeria, it is so unfortunate that Buhari alone is in control of the executive, legislature and the judiciary, using blackmail and intimidation, he decides who leaves or remains in the the arms of government .

Buhari has moved Nigeria into an era of uncivilization, where you are killed or jailed because you protest peacefully and demanding to exercise your right as a people. The case of the Leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and former NSA, Sambo Dasuki, whom several courts of competent jurisdictions have ordered for their release, but the tyrannical government of Buhari is still illegally detaining them. Recently, the  ECOWAS court of justice ruled and ordered the federal government to release Mr Dasuki and pay him a compensation for illegally detaining him, but that court order was disobeyed by the administration led by Buhari, who vowed during his inauguration to uphold the law. The Nigeria government prefers to launder its image as a democratic government via the media worldwide while practicing dictatorship in reality.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, calls on people of good conscience from around the world to help save Justice in Africa, and also put an end to dictatorship in the world, wherever it is found and irrespective of who is involved. The United Nations should begin to take responsible and steps into making sure the people of Biafra get justice because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Self-determination is a universal right which the people of Biafra have a right to exercise. Dictator Muhammadu Buhari must be stopped from trampling on democracy.

God bless Biafra.

Edited by Chima Onyekachi
Published by Chinwe Korie


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