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By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 3, 2016

Buhari called a meeting of oil producing States which Nigeria nicknamed ‘Niger Delta’ and in the said meeting; Anambra, Abia and Imo were not represented which quickly drew my attention to ask why they were not. Before I go further; I will like to make it clear that Niger Delta is not indigenous name but a nickname for oil producing States. I had pleaded my friend to interpret ‘Niger Delta’ in any of the Biafran indigenous language and he said it has no meaning in Eastern region. For this reason, it is believed that Niger Delta is a nick name given to us by our oppressors. Having called a meeting; why were other Biafran States that top oil production not called to the meeting?

So many things were going on in my head; Buhari to have called a part of Biafra to a meeting that virtually included all Biafran territory is very much suspicious which IPOB press released sufficiently addressed. I am beginning to understand that because Anambra has not started militancy; the government tends to write her off in Niger Delta benefits or discussion. Abia State has relatively embraced peace and avoided attacks on oil pipelines and this has also made her inconsequential to Buhari’s Niger Delta meeting. Leaving Imo State out was the most blatant of the negligence exhibited; Imo State that ought to chair Niger Delta meetings as one of the most sufficient oil producing States was not included and it would be fair to tag the meeting ‘Inconclusive”.

It can be said that Buhari is trying to be wise by calling just few persons from few States of Biafra to brainwash them and promise them heaven to further fight Biafra. It is also understandable that why the remaining oil producing States were not called was to deceive the world into believing that there is something like Niger Delta while almost all Biafran States produce oil. With clear knowledge that eight out of ten States in the East produce oil; Niger Delta even though taken as a name virtually represents entire Biafra land. By calling few persons to his so-called Niger Delta meeting; Buhari is wasting his precious time on a failed mission.

The Government of Nigeria is trying to instigate the people of Anambra, Abia and Imo to start militancy as that is the only warrant of inclusion. Holding meeting with oil producing States is virtually holding meeting with entire Biafra land. There is possibility that oil will be found in Abakiliki if searched in as much as the State has a resource more beneficial than oil. Enugu State cannot be ruled out. Niger Delta as a name for oil producing States includes almost all the States in Eastern region. In a bit to promote the division of the people of Biafra; the government might be making a mistake of urging the youths of the left out Niger Delta to start militancy to be recognized.

“There is oil pipeline at the back of our house; they drill and discharge elsewhere, if they want bombing to include us in any meeting that concerns oil producing States, we will start it at once” a Youth from Abia State who doesn’t want his name in print said. Abia, Anambra and Imo deserve a part in the meeting that was held; Buhari can no longer keep feigning ignorance of the fact that entire Biafra land has oil deposit. Courting five or four States out of the entire States of Biafra that produce oil is unhealthy of a man that really wants solution.

This divide and rule strategy can no longer work no matter how hard Buhari and his Northern cohorts try; the people of Biafra will not always be fooled. We are Biafra and we are one; we all produce oil; even though oil is likely to decline as major economic deposit due to improving technology and innovations that can use solar and water; the people of Biafra still have coal, lime stone, zinc and others to thrive on in as much as we don’t need anything deposited under the earth to survive like Nigeria. Our brain is more resourceful than our land; the resource deposited in our land is just a plus and not a major thing to live on. If Niger Delta shenanigan will continue; then it is imperative to include the whole Niger Delta States. As Imo is included, Anambra State should be included; Abia State should also be included whilst the remaining two States in Biafra that don’t currently produce oil can wait till they start operation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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