ND Elders and Buhari

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 3, 2016

Our elders have gone mad; this is serious madness; I don’t know what you think of them but they need serious medication or attention; if we don’t cure them of this madness; they will one day go to Abuja to beg Buhari for permission to sleep with their wives. How on earth will men of such age go to Abuja to beg Buhari what they own? Buhari’s speech that if anybody wants to leave Nigeria that he is free to go has overshadowed the stupidity of these elders. I refused to be taken off the disgrace; I want to dwell on it and establish argument worthy of commendation. I am beginning to ask if these people are elders or beggars; I expected a tight demand or debate but disappointedly; they arranged before hand to go there and beg for oil blocs and pipeline contracts. They can enrich their pockets, buy new houses and cars and maybe buy a land in Abuja where they can live, forget their homes and rant like Joe Igbokwe of the goodness of Buhari’s starvation of the people.

Boom! How will I thank the militants that bombed the NPDC pipeline less than 48 hours after their plea in Abuja? This boom gave me enough convictions that human beings are still left at home; this their disgrace cannot be wiped away with just one boom, I need more to show they have just done nothing but worsened our problem. If oil blocs and pipeline contracts could solve the problem, then these people are mistaken. Can oil blocs reach a common man and neither can pipeline contracts; for how long will they guard the house for the thieves that cart away everything and leave our homes in shambles?

The boom passed a serious message and it implies ‘whatsoever you discussed with Buhari does not concern us’ the boom could as well mean that ‘you have woefully failed our people with such negotiation or demand’. The demands depict a hungry set of people that went to Abuja to beg for food or men that saw the case of militancy as leverage or a way to hold the government at ransom. They have made their demands; and included infrastructure, clean-up and the rest to cover their quest for money. All they wanted is oil blocks, contracts and at worst; they mentioned their amnesty which is act of dashing money or buying out the people. These elders have no single shame left of them, they are lost in the fullness of their foolishness.

What would it have cost them had they demanded autonomy if they are afraid to tell Buhari that Biafra is the solution; are they intellectually incapacitated that they don’t know that the only way to end the numerous challenges in Southern Biafra is autonomy or independence. Are they afraid of Buhari or they are so conscious of their pockets; have our Youths killed an elephant for them that they now sit down at Abuja to eat? Who will get oil blocs and pipeline contracts? That Biafran Youth that could not afford money for education or feeding that eventually saw the creeks as only means of survival? Who are they fooling when they say we want oil blocs; the pattern Tompolo and co used? They want to repeat it; unfortunately for them, IPOB is here to save our people. Biafra is the answer to our question and not oil blocs and pipeline contracts; had they gone for regional autonomy; it would have worth considering.

The people of Biafra are ready to take their destinies into their hands and there is nothing that can stop that. Buhari can talk from today till tomorrow with the so-called elders from every part of Biafra but one thing that is certain is; the people will always stand against any move to manipulate or sell their future. Enough is enough, which is what the latest pipeline bombing means; the people will decide their future and not a sold out few men. I will forever continue to stand by our Youths who have shown the strength and determination needed to restore dignity and lay claim to what rightfully belongs to us. We must stand and know that nobody can save or build our tomorrow; it is in our hands to decide what we become tomorrow. Either we become servants settled with few oil blocs and pipeline contracts or become masters that own our property.

Sadly, to those elders, oil blocs and pipeline contracts can appease the death of children and men that have lost their lives for the sake of the struggle. Sadly, oil blocs and pipeline contracts were why our sons died and that is why we keep dying of pollution and hunger. Oil blocs and pipeline contracts are everything needed for peace to reign. For how long shall we go on like this; allowing the so-called elders play politics with our future, our life and get rich at the expense of our death? Only when we take what belongs to us, manage ourselves and decide our future; Nigeria can never decide it for us and neither can these compromised cowardly elders that could not stand before their fellow man to say, “oil belongs to us, we are in the position to give you oil blocs and pipeline contracts and not you give us what is in our bedroom”

Finally; I have read the 16 demands credited to the inconclusive elders that had meeting with Buhari and whilst they fronted their pockets and savouring for amnesty cash, oil blocs and contracts. They made some demands that could conceal their real motives and bring balance to their major targets. It is imperative to know that this is Nigeria that believes people can be bought over; they bought Tompolo and co in 2009 and they can buy these elders today. They will never do anything to better the people of Biafra; there have been reports compiled so far on how to bring peace and resolve militancy; if they are not working to bribe us via (elders), then they should go and work on the numerous reports established to arrest the situation. I rest my case.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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