Mary Bernstein
The Scheduling Of November 8 2016 By Your Court With ECOWAS Is Demonstrative Of Incompetence Or Judicial Bias - Mary Bernstein; A US Human Right Activist Writes Justice Binta F.M Nyako

November 3, 2016

Justice Binta F.M Nyako: It has not gone unnoticed that you scheduled the Nnamdi Kanu, David Nwawusi and Benjamin Madubugwu to create a calendar conflict with the ECOWAS forum continuance of matter on same date to November 8 2016. The public has also learned that this matter was reassigned to you a relative of the vindictive President of Nigeria M. Buhari. The question is why and how this delicate matter was reassigned to you and by whom. We have laws against nepotism and cronyism in our government as it is highly unethical.

If one ever needed an illustration of a blatant act of nepotism, vindictiveness and bias, one needs to look no further than the current leader of Nigeria. President Buhari has named 25 members of his family in the 36 member cabinet.  This translates to an estimated 70% percent (actual calculation 69.44444). This government of precisely how many people is being governed like a Ma and Pa Kettle shop family business in the sticks.  Government is complex compared to running a country store. This conveys even more of a fraudulent judiciary wherein there are not jury trials decided by various individuals but a bench trial proceeded over by a relative of leader that is accused of selective prosecution and harassment.

This creates a conflict of interest in the court of public opinion and gives the impression of impropriety. The World has taken note of judges taken in the dead of night by paddy wagon.  Are you also a corrupt, bias, abuse of discretion jurist?  This is a high profile case and your decisions will be closely scrutinized.  Everyone is giving you the benefit of the doubt to separate yourself from the dishonest and inconsistent conduct by Judge Tsoho. In the United States judges are not judge, jury and executioner which appears to be Nigerian form of court system.

The Nigerian Courts and Government engage in selective prosecution the World is observing.  The World has observed that your security forces police and military have engaged in additional trauma to Boko Haram Victims

This is in addition to Biafran protesters that have been executed by forces for assembly and petitions for Biafra Referendum that were unarmed. There has been no prosecution of these crimes. You yourself have the power to change the World’s opinion by engaging in due process.  This matter was deliberately scheduled to conflict with the ECOWAS November 8 matters for any other date could have been selected. This gesture reflects that the Judge is not fair and equitable as it is already assisting the prosecution by engaging in conflict, delay tactics.

Judge Tsoho further tarnished Nigeria reputation on the World stage by his antics. We are now witnessing continual discrimination and injustice by your hand due to this conflicting scheduling incident. Your government receives substantial aid from my government so I can give you my two cents worth (sense). Ideally we ourselves will have a transition in government as a result of our November 8 election and Foreign Aid Assistance will be revamped concerning countries that engage in human rights abuses and do not operate democractically.

I raise these issues now because Nnamdi Kanu and his co defendants David Nwawusi and Benjamin Madubugwu case was scheduled for September 26 2016 and it is not clear why you selected November 8 2016 other than for nefarious reasons. This is a tale of two court appearances – one must be continued. The Nigerian Government attorneys failed to appear at ECOWAS court which is demonstrative of highly unorganized and unprofessional behaviors. The scheduling of November 8 2016 by your Court with ECOWAS is demonstrative of incompetence or judicial bias towards the Defendants and their legal counsel.

Since the transfer of power to President M. Buhari in May 2015 beginning in August 2015 a totalitarian government has been at play not a democratic government. Protesters were executed in August 2015, Nnamdi Kanu countless others have been kidnapped, assassinated.   There has been no prosecution of security forces that have engaged in tactics towards citizens. Likewise, the World has learned that the Nigerian Government has facilitated additional abuses towards Boko Haram victims, released murderous Boko Haram members with immunity  in contrast abuse of unarmed, civilized protesters. Political prisoners remain tethered and imprisoned indefinitely. Nnamdi Kanu had several assassination attempts during the month of September 2016 prior to the court appearance.  There was no prosecution or even address by the government of this human rights abuse.

The World can deduct that you the judicial branch intend to hold these men indefinitely at the command of the executive branch.  Bail should have been granted long ago. Bail was granted and then denied. There is in a democracy to be separation of powers: executive, legislative and judicial. Read It Here

We will reserve judgment of you for the time being in the international court of public opinion graciously giving you the benefit of the doubt.  However, the jury is still out on whether or not you will uphold the law, interpret the law as opposed to your predecessor Judge Tsoho …. It remains to be seen…the World views all aspects of Nigeria as corrupt and you as judge are no exception as we have just witnessed jurist sting operation.  Cronyism.  Nepotism. Justice for a price in Nigeria. Outrageous!!

Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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  1. Thanks a lot for standing with the downtrodden and voiceless citizens. GOD bless you abundantly Mary Bernstein.

  2. Mary Bernstein, I have always read your honest and candid unbiased opinion about all the happenings in Nigeria; especially under M buhari administration and flagrant abuse of human right against his political opponents, most of whom are Biafrans. I thank you for your continued support of the Biafrans against this tyrants called M. Buhari. You are indeed a friend of Biafrans. You shown that here with your letter to Justice Binta. The scheduling of Kanu's case on 8 November 2016, the same date as with ECOWAS court case against the FGN and of course the US election tells us all what what we already know about Buhari, his APC, government and their manipulation of the Judicial process, whilst still shouting "fighting corruption" when these semi-geriatrics with rag -cup hats on their heads are the real architects of corruption. Alas, the world is watching. ALL HAIL BIAFRA AND LONG LIVE OUR COURAGEOUS LEADER NNAMDI KANU.