Mary Bernstein - tweeting against Facebook CEO

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
01 November, 2016

Bruce Mayrock died for Biafra; a Jew that showed that blood is thicker than water; taking aside the sacrifice of Bruce with his life; Biafrans and Jews share strong tie as from same ancestry. It is very unfortunate that years after; Mark Zuckerberg is here to kill what his brother died for. If Biafra is worthless to Zuckerberg; at least the death of Bruce Mayrock should be considered a sacrifice worthy of pity. Wealth and fame might have taken men away from God and from everything sacred; but the power of blood should be noticed by all and sundry. I am not here to compare but to ask Zuckerberg what he stands for; with his latest action against Biafra; I feel more pained that it is coming from a Jew I cannot curse or kill.

Biafra is being fought on multiple fronts; it can be argued that Mark Zuckerberg deleted Biafra group page as a result of diplomatic measures engaged with Nigeria. He may have looked around and succumbed to the deal to attack Biafrans because Biafra has no sovereignty yet. He had checked his cards and opted to be a villain because Nigeria has the money and the power to sanction his enterprise. Maybe outline tougher policies against Facebook before it can operate in Nigeria. Buhari on his own might have pleaded to Zuckerberg, noting that he can’t fold his arms and see a people take away Nigeria through activities on Facebook. No matter what was said or how the debate panned out; it remains odd that Mark Zuckerberg by that action opposes a free world and suppresses freedom and fundamental human rights. The delisting of Radio Biafra London group from Facebook is crime in all ramifications; the people of Biafra might not have the sovereign power to fight the act but posterity will eventually fight; a more severe battle and then nemesis will dance like a palm frond in the wind.

The indigenous People of Biafra bear no arm or engage in illegal activities; this peaceful people deserve more than sympathy; having endured military provocation and all sorts of attacks that ought to force retaliation; they kept their cool and yet peacefully exercising their right to be free people. Mark Zuckerberg has really behaved like a timid African who finds happiness in the bloodshed and suffering of fellow human. Whatsoever that might have transpired, it is imperative to know that the Indigenous People of Biafra are legal and peaceful people that their rights deserve to be respected.

Mark, you might own Facebook and have the right to infringe on the rights of others because they are oppressed people you consider inconsequential. Unfortunately, you have no information or clue of who Biafrans are; if you do, you will respect human right and consider the position of a people struggling to win holocaust against them. What do you represent; as a Jew engaging or abetting holocaust; fame and wealthy have taken your heritage from you? You now see your ancestry as minor or nothing; with all you hope channeled on wealth and fame.

Mark, by delisting the peaceful and legal platform of people genocide is being perpetrated on; you are only suffocating them and urging them to take the path of violence. By trying to stop their story being told to the world; you want them to be carpeted that their holocaust may be silent and bloody. You represent the fangs of a thirsty vampire; what shall it cost to let the oppressed scream and tell their stories without raising a gun? What was your reason for working tirelessly to establish Facebook; to give politicians license to kill and maim? To conceal evil and give rise to regime atrocity or to force and suppress free people of the world that has no power of their own.

The corruption in Nigeria has caught you by surprise; you today stand for corruption and do the bidding of a fantastically corrupt country. You stand for a dead world; where politicians decide the fate of the people against the will of the people. Anything that comes in contact with Nigeria gets a virus that corrupts his senses and actions. It is very shameful that at Mark Zuckerberg’s age and status; he still finds a reason or conviction to suppress the voice of the oppressed. This is really unlike a Jew; if Bruce May Rock burnt himself for the sake of Biafra and Mark comes up today to kill Biafra; I only but ask where did he lost his conscience?

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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