Biafrans killed in cold blood by Buhari's government

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
31 October, 2016

It is not hearsay, it is a reality staring at us that Mark Zuckerberg deleted or banned the Facebook group of people holocaust is being perpetrated on. It is not also arguable that the man that banned this group is a Jew who once suffered holocaust in the hands of Hitler; the question is, has he forgotten the taste of holocaust? Could that be the definition of hypocrisy? Let us pause and have a rethink; how would the Jews had felt if the only platform they could use to tell the world of their holocaust was terminated? The world would not hear or sympathize with them as the holocaust was being perpetrated, their voices silenced as they were continuously being murdered. This is a taboo, O! Evil entices from the heart of men especially when wealth has sweetly taken their conscience.

If Mark Zuckerberg did not experience the holocaust committed against the Jews; did his ears not hear what actually happened nor did his father not look into his eyes with spontaneous emotion and told him stories of how Hitler dealt mercilessly with Jews. Did books written about the holocaust not tell him about what the Jews passed through? The killing, deprivation, fear, emotional breakdown, worthlessness and heavy rain of tears? Mothers made widows and father widowers, children made orphans and whilst mothers and fathers are made childless. What has come upon a Jew that he suddenly forgot the pains or taste of holocaust? For Mark Zuckerberg to have deleted the Facebook group where oppressed and victims of genocide come to share their ordeal or call the attention of the world; he has abused the memory of the Jewish nation.

The people in question are the people of Biafra long fingered to be Jews; a people seeking to be free just like the Jews did back then. Biafra is Ephraim in the household of Israel and the restoration of Biafra is the restoration of the indigenous Jewish way of life, worship and politics. Mark Zuckerberg arguably is of same ancestry with a Biafran and one begins to wonder what went wrong. Was he bought or deceived? Whatsoever happened must be considered a taboo before the God of the household of Israel. I am very much critical of the situation because Mark Zuckerberg is expected to defend victims of holocaust wherever they are found or suspected.

Mark, I have just made a clarification above for the world to understand the bond between us and why I am touched by the action to delete Radio Biafra London from Facebook. I will not fill the spaces I have here because I will serially be writing to you. I will keep asking questions upon questions until the issue is addressed. You recently visited Nigeria and left, only to come back without schedule and discussed the action you took today. I am deeply depressed, not only because you deleted Radio Biafra London, but simply because our own is now against us.

I have tried to decipher the reason you succumbed to the demand to join in the attack of free people who are simply aspiring for freedom in the most legal and peaceful way. Whatsoever is your position must be properly reviewed because we are all victims of one holocaust or another. I would not believe that you are aiding holocaust against the House of Israel found in Africa and neither will I believe that you have forgotten the pains Jews went through. Will aiding Nigeria carry out genocide against Biafra give you a sense of superiority you lacked when our brothers (Jews) were in our situation? You have taken an action that can best be described as crime against humanity.

By deleting the Facebook group of IPOB, you have made a step towards silencing the voices of people wailing to be helped out of slavery. What crime has that little child murdered in Aba done to you that you sought to conceal her calamity or unlawful departure? What crime have we committed against you that you raise a standard against a peaceful and lawful people? Nobody is deterred and neither will the action stop Biafra restoration; if we can sit down and think once more, you will find out you abused your heritage by that action.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie



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