IPOB Leader - Malhandled by DSS Agents

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
31 October, 2016

It is a big plus to the people of Biafra and the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who has long been illegally incarcerated that the world is confessing he is a Prisoner of Conscience. Jonathan is the latest to have taken a swipe at Buhari for Kanu’s incarceration; and also taken a due advantage of the matter. This position further means that to Jonathan and the rest of the world; Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime. To call Nnamdi Kanu a Political prisoner is to say he did nothing and is illegally incarcerated; that is what Jonathan told Buhari and it is what is expected of every man of good conscience.

When a wise man speaks, it takes a wise head to interpret and know where he is going; in recent time, Jonathan has taken to the media to make few sensitive statements. He questioned the accusation leveled against Dasuki; noting that such amount of money cannot be stolen because military hardware was really bought. The level of diplomacy in his speech is superb; at least there is a difference between a man that came with hundred Lawyers to defend his O’level certificate and a man that finished his university education. On Dasuki statement, Jonathan was brief and indirect; he never said Dasuki did not steal, he only said that the figure mentioned makes it clear that Dasuki is a victim of retaliation.

After his speech, APC got pierced, truth can really hurt, but this truth should not hurt much, because more will come when the Court is done. Unlike Buhari who had no education and would vow how he won’t release a man (prejudice). Jonathan was quite aware that prejudicial statements are unlawful; he withheld and allowed the Court to go on without influence. This is a literate handling government affairs; but when a dumb ass is there, he babbles and even reminds us how his wife is only made for sex and his feeding. APC is already calling for Jonathan’s arrest; the crime Jonathan committed was that he spoke for the persecuted. No opposition voice is wanted in Nigeria; the APC Vice-President is already giving reasons Jonathan won’t be arrested now.

The press is already making jest of Buhari, just after the statement, APC were asked why they won’t arrest Jonathan for talking; the VP was quick to capture the shot by saying they don’t arrest anyhow; the government only took power to enable them arrest dissent voices. Jonathan doesn’t seem to be affected; how I wish they would arrest him, I think that will be very interesting. Corruption war indeed; enthroned by corruption and fighting corruption when one’s source of enthronement is the source of his dethronement makes the whole thing a hallucination. If corruption took Buhari to the seat of power, there is no way he can fight corruption because he had fought his root or source of air that makes him breathe.

Most recently, Jonathan boasted that in his administration, he never had a prisoner of conscience or political prisoner, referring to Nnamdi Kanu who has long been detained for saying what the government of Buhari feels should not be said against Buhari. This latest statement is a mockery of the Muhammed Buhari’s administration or rather a campaign strategy. This statement is a clear message to Buhari that he is getting it wrong on Nnamdi Kanu because he will soon stand alone. Indirectly, it could be that Jonathan is trying to bastardize the government of Buhari with him or calling for his release. The bottom line is; Jonathan to have attacked Buhari with Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest shows a change of tide in the polity.

By referring to Nnamdi Kanu as a prisoner of conscience shows the length Buhari has been discussed to Jonathan by foreigners. Clearly, there would be questions like, “Who is that prisoner that has turned Nigeria into something else?” “Who is the prisoner the people are protesting for his release all over the world” and maybe Jonathan is taking advantage of that to tell the world, you stood against me thinking that anything will change but you have only taken Nigeria back to military regime or lawless era when prisoners of conscience are the order of the day. One thing Jonathan will sing throughout the period will be I never had a political prisoner or prisoner of conscience. In democracy, a democrat is needed to give the best of it and with the handling of Nnamdi Kanu by Buhari; it is clear the man cannot survive democracy unless taken back to the military he knows better.

The message to Buhari is very clear, release the prisoner of conscience in your dungeon and embrace democracy. Respect the ruling of competent Court and learn how to be a democrat because democracy gave him the power he wields today. Jonathan might not directly tell him to release Nnamdi Kanu or attack his government for undemocratic acts; but the obvious thing is, the world is stepping away from him; sympathy is clustering and would explode to affect Buhari in every angle. As long as Nnamdi Kanu is held is as long as issues come out against this government.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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