Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - Surrounded by diehard admirers

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
01 November, 2016

I accidentally ran into him as he explained everything to his peers; he is very much aware of what will happen but he is not aware that Nigeria might not last till 2019. He believes that Nnamdi Kanu’s detention will decide 2019 election. Opposition either uses it against Buhari or he neutralizes that factor now there is time. The People of Biafra have no interest in the Nigerian election; that is one basic fact he doesn’t know. But he believes anyone that promises to address Nnamdi Kanu’s issue than arrest him and worsen the issue will gain upper hand in 2019 if Kanu is not released like yesterday.

I drove down to Owerri for the burial of a dear friend who died of heart failure after much indecision, I had told one of our friends that I won’t be able to make the burial because of certain reasons; but he persisted that I come. I later succumbed and headed to Owerri; surprisingly, it was a huge burial ceremony with politicians from the State. I had asked if his father is a politician; but I was told his cousin is a staunch APC supporter and the cousin is the person in charge of the burial. With Prado jeeps parked everywhere and our car forced to be out of date; we decided to go to a hotel and hang out till evening when the big wigs had gone.

In the hotel just close to the burial venue; some of the big wigs waiting for space before they would remarkably come in waited and discussed there. With Champaign scattered on their tables and lovely ladies for each, I had no time to assess if they are their wives. We sat on the next vacant set of seats and ordered for Red label and pure heaven my brand. The discussion of the day was Biafra; they discussed how resolute Biafra activists are and the consequences; that was when I switched on my phone record; I enjoyed their discussion as they went further.

They are all APC members; and the problem in APC was raised as a discussion, deliberating on Tinubu’s impact and the division in APC. They viewed it as the challenge facing APC right now and noted that if Aisha Buhari is not listened to; that things will fall apart for Buhari and APC in 2019. 2019 election was their focal point; while Biafrans are hopeful that Nigeria will be gone very soon; they are deliberating on 2019 election. Then the discussion went deeper and Nnamdi Kanu was initiated; before one boldly said “If Nnamdi Kanu issue is not settled quickly, if he is not released as quickly as possible; he shall cost us and Buhari 2019 election if we survive till then as a country”. Few were against his view and then he was told to explain very well how Nnamdi Kanu will cost APC 2019 election. Everywhere was calmed as he began, interesting discussion, everybody wanted to hear and I also wanted to get every bit of it. The tall hairy slim man took the stage; like a lecturer; they all listened to him. We showed no atom of attention; but we were attentive more than anyone there.

“I made use of the verb ‘shall’ to indicate the consistency or rather the certainty of what Nnamdi Kanu’s continued detention will cost Buhari and us. Buhari and the Presidency might be enjoying their error now but it would certainly backfire. I have read numerous articles pointing at Kanu’s arrest and expected release. The press for the first time stood on a good side; they are of the view that Nnamdi Kanu should be released and Biafra fought by another means. To me, I wholly agree with them, Biafra has gone beyond what arresting Nnamdi Kanu and few other persons can solve. Biafra needs a new approach, arrest might have worked during the time of MASSOB but it is very clear that there is a different mentality; exotic one that top police officers described as professional”

“The success of Uwazurike’s arrest might have contributed to the error via arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, we have checked it and it is really not working. We have to check other means, to me, there are other means IPOB can be fought than arrest of their leader who has set a structure in place and used himself as bait that we succumbed to. We must not be rigid in the fight if we must win, we must be creative and smart to win the battle. This is not a Biafra that would fight another war, arresting this Biafra is a huge mistake. It is not yet too late, we can set things in order and fight with wisdom; if Biafra has only gone from strength to strength since Nnamdi Kanu was arrested; then we must look back and give up his detention or we shall be consumed”

“As a staunch supporter of my party and who believes in Buhari; it is wise to contribute from the bottom of my heart and with that exuding passion what will shape him and my party. The issue of who controls the government seems to be reflected on Kanu’s case. If the people around the President will keep quiet while the issue of Nnamdi Kanu is destroying Buhari and our dear party; then I have to start supporting our first lady. The Government is handled by strangers, people that don’t share our dreams and aspirations; cabals that don’t care if we survive or not because they have ulterior motives. They will eventually join PDP once power is wrestled away from us”

“Nnamdi Kanu is becoming a factor against us; the world is aware of his existence and they are also aware that he is a political prisoner; this is a bad image for us and our noble party presented as undemocratic. Nnamdi Kanu is accruing sympathy; the world is conscious of him and taking note; PDP being sympathetic to him. The leaders in South South have called for his release and he is still being held; South East leaders have called and he is still being held. Few Western leaders have called for his release and in all fairness; Nnamdi Kanu has united the people of Old Eastern region. When all these people have called for his release and Buhari refused to listen; what will be our fate come 2019?” he asked and continued; looking so worried that I began to think he is a notable APC leader in Imo State.

“Now let me make it clear to you; come 2019 we shall have no chance; the Eastern Nigeria will see Buhari as an enemy; from Bayelsa to Anambra. There is hunger in the land which will not guarantee 100% vote from the North; the West is already parting; Tinubu wants total control and as things are going on today; he is being wrestled in APC. We have already had too many problems as a party and adding Nnamdi Kanu is unbearable. The people close to the President might be telling him otherwise from what is obtainable and they are the strangers and non-party members our First lady is screaming of. The mathematics is very simple; if 2019 comes; PDP sympathizes with Nnamdi Kanu, Yorubas sympathize with him and there might be allegiance between the Yoruba electorate and Biafra electorates and a new President will be decided”

“Somebody like Atiku sympathizes with Nnamdi Kanu; he would be massively voted if he comes up against the President on any platform. PDP has the chance of taking Old Eastern region and then getting West by virtue of Tinubu’s issue with the Presidency. There is hunger in the North and people will be willing to try somebody else. I wholly believe that if Nnamdi Kanu is released and Biafra issue addressed diplomatically or decisively; it would give us credit for 2019 battle. Come 2019; you might hear voices saying that man you imprisoned for two years; what did he do to you and this will undermine everything done so far. Dasuki will be seen as Nnamdi Kanu; all of them that have been detained will be contaminated by Nnamdi Kanu”

“We have to avoid giving room for opposition or enemies to come in; I have heard voices calling for Nnamdi Kanu’s release and the President is paying deaf ear. In 2019; he may be calling the people and the people will pay deaf ear to him. There is no way North alone will win election; and we must not allow the West and East to merge against us. Our First Lady called for assessment of appointments and the President refused; everybody is now asking what Nnamdi Kanu is still doing in the prison and yet the President cannot answer the question. A man from the North is tired, a man from the West is tired and a man from the East is also tired. Jerry Gana notably said; release Nnamdi Kanu and restructure Nigeria, even though you won’t restructure; why not release Nnamdi Kanu because his continued detention is bastardizing our administration”

The discussion went on until they were called to the venue and the man stood and adjusted his black fitted suit and said “I have been in Nigerian politics for years; I am a Northern breed and I can tell you what is going to happen” I could not ask him his name to avoid blowing my cover as they orderly walked on out to their various cars. I had a second thought that he could be a political analyst; but whatsoever he could be was not a barrier to the fact that he silenced his peers and they admitted without argument.

I watched them go as I made sure I captured their voices and made no mistake of losing the record; I thought of having a chat with him but on a second thought; I was convinced Biafra will be restored before 2019 going by what is happening presently. Biafra is expected to come quicker than we thought; but should 2019 come; it won’t still take away the fact that Buhari will be the last President to rule a Nigeria Biafra is part of.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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