Tyrant Buhari 

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
01 November 2016.

An animal in the wild is said to be uncultured, uncivilised and untamed in characteristics thereby making the animal to be vile and a villain to other cultured animals when come in contact with. It will be bereft of this article not to acknowledge the assertions made by late Fela Kuti when in one of his musical tracks referred Nigeria as Beast of No Nations, he analyzed this wild animal tendencies in Nigeria under dictator Buhari for having clamped down on freedom of information, freedom of the press, he Buhari became a Judge and the Federation Jury by jailing all those perceived as political opponents, he ruled as a tyrant which this article will elaborate more.

First, a tyrant is a despotic person who governs and rule unjustly, cruelly and harshly on his or her subjects and taking into accounts from the analogy above, political scientists view a tyrant as any person who abuses the power of his or her position of office to treat unjustly to those considered to be wailers or political opponents against his government.

But what seems to amaze me is that tyrants replicates themselves in the sense that every effective organ of the government is under his/her say, do, keep or kill without asking questions on the outcome of their inhumanity to the society they belong. Tyrants emerge mainly through coups as such a person is known as a coupist, and Buhari possess this traits in all circles. He first came into power as a coupist, later he was dethroned by IBB and after a while he came back as a democrat still exhibiting this tyrannical behaviours of his as if he was voted and rigged in back to power as a military.

Buhari without certificate has not asked himself why people still refer to this current administration to as a regime! all is because they believed that a military man is still ruling over them and not a civilian (Paddy Government), Regime is for the military, while "term" or "administration" is used for a pure democrat who remains unbiased in state affairs nor over-rides his or her powers.

It would be a tricky thing to say that Nigeria under tyrant Buhari is not sliding to economic recession; a society where the bourgeois control the little owned by the proletarians; in situation like this, the masses resort to killing themselves as a result of state hardships created by the government. Such a society is not devoid of heading to anarchy because it is sensed that the power of the executive will be fighting non stop to over rides the power of the legislature and the judiciary, all in a bid to perfect his plans to bully, maim and instil fear into his subjects from questioning his government. This is a clear case of what tyrant Buhari is doing and displaying to all at all levels in the Nigeria confinement.

Buhari should know that he failed Nigeria under his watch and Nigeria is bound to dismember as no right-thinking mind will like to live in such a society where government and her apparatus kill people at will, humiliates and embarrass them on their right to freedom of information and of the press, caused uproar in the Legislative arms of government, kidnapped Judges with trump-up charges in a bid to weaken the power of the Judiciary and use them as effective tool to do his bid of pronouncing whoever Buhari said is guilty is guilty without trial and whoever he said is innocent is innocent.

One thing readers should know about every dictator or tyrant is they first control the media to sell their cheap lies, imposing one party system on his subjects, then promoting ethnic and religious tensions all in a bid to be seen as being tough forgetting that all men are mortals and mortals will die one day regardless of your position and atrocities on earth.

Having made some salient points here, it would be right to say that Nnamdi Kanu was right all this while, or he is a prophet, soothsayer or a wise man. Left for me alone in this wise he is that man that saw tomorrow as all he had said about Buhari and his government even about the world has come to pass.

Buhari is busy funding Hillary's campaign because both are birds of the same feather that flock together; clamping down on free movement of information, both lives on lies, both manipulate the media, both are religious bigots with no measures. These evil geniuses sees themselves as lords, thereby lording it all over their people using deceits and lies as key points to come out victorious; but time has fail them and their types. Buhari and Hillary are always erratic in speeches and discerning issues when ever the press tries to get the best or truth from them, their lips are filled with lies causing confusion and misleading the people.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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