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November 27, 2016

If you missed anything this week, just make sure you follow Ifeanyi Chijioke and Chima Onyekachi on their weekly digest. This week we critically bring to you in brief everything that happened in Biafra land and Nigeria.

Donald Trump’s victory is victory for Biafrans; they worked so hard on social media, they prayed and fasted fervently. They are hopeful that Donald will be their friend; Biafrans present to you DONALD TRUMP SHOPPING CENTRE IN ONITSHA BIAFRA LAND. They are crazy over Donald Trump’s emergence.

Amnesty International has released a report saying much more that 150 Biafrans have been murdered by Buhari. Buhari had shamelessly tried to deny the attrocities but video evidence was presented and they have ran away. Action is desperately needed to save humanity in this part of the world.

In the course of the military campaign going on till date in Biafra land, IPOB are currently looking for approximately 2000 Biafrans even as the campaign to suppress, kill and maim them continues; were they executed, arrested, or kidnapped, nobody knows. There is remarkably a genocide going on in Biafra land; time is running out and patience is growing pale.

Ohaneze ditch Biafra land; set to hold Igbo Unity and Cultural festival Day in Southwest. They are men without honor; where is the unity in Igbo? Men that ought to unite Biafra land are focusing on Igbo, scavengers and gluttons. They know they will be disgraced if they host that in Biafra land, they are now outcast’, hermits of worthless value.

Southeast Senators ask FG to investigate killing of IPOB, this is laughable, investigate what they abetted? They had the chance to fight but folded their arms and afraid to talk; Ekeremmandu was hushed down in the red Chamber a certain time for this matter. What will possibly come out any investigation? Waste of time; wise men will fight to release Nnamdi Kanu which is the cause of the killing.

They are beginning to ask again for inland ports that was sold or dashed to Atiku; using the space created by Nnamdi Kanu. These men are bunch of hopeless fools; what we want is the release of our leader and restoration of Biafra. If they can’t fight with us; they should sit back, eat and sleep, Biafra will be restored as they can’t do anything about that.

TY Danjuma is out to fight freedom Fighters in the creeks of Biafra land demanding for restructure and release of Nnamdi Kanu. One will think he is doing that for Nigerians; but sadly, he is fighting to save his oil wells/blocs and those of his contractors. They are raining bomb on innocent Biafrans because of their oil blocs; time for self defense is ripe.

Nigeria emerges third in the country with poorest people, poverty that will strike is still warming up; they will emerge first if Nnamdi Kanu is not released. Prophets are speaking; Nigeria is in for their worst experience. Most terrorized, poorest, and anything odd you can think of; Nnamdi Kanu factor is a plague.

The Governors in Oduduwa land have united for their people saying not even politics will divide them. What can Biafra Land Governors do? They will rather enrich their pocket, kill their people and serve their masters in Abuja, to an extent Rochas Okorocha became a gay to the pleasure of Abuja men.

After Buhari came back from his tour, Nigerian junketeer in chief and found out $30 billion external loan was not granted, police submitted a fresh report indicting the leadership of the senate. Like their Nigerian film; they won’t stop embarrassing the world. Instead of looking for a way to lead Nigeria out of recession; he is looking for a way to contest 2019 election and continue his life of tourism.

They have created a new Army division in Igweocha Biafra land; they are desperate for their oil, they can do anything to keep it flowing while we die. This hopeless uneducated Government has asked Biafrans in Niger Delta to embrace farming, is he not aware that many years of oil exploitation has damaged the nutrients in our land that we can’t farm or eat?

Fayose said that only Igbos will survive if Nigeria is divided; we will rather say that is too much; anybody that works hard will survive, that is the simple truth, if Biafrans leave and did not work hard, they will die. If Oduduwa work harder than Biafra, they will survive more than Biafra likewise Arewa.

As Atiku is saying Boko Haram is very much alive, Buhari is saying he has killed it, yet Boko Haram is now killing top Nigerian Soldiers, bombing here and there.  Lies have confused everybody; Boko Haram is reigning and being suppressed with lies.

Hurray! One out of hundreds of campaign promises has been allegedly achieved; 3 million jobs promised but 2000 said to be on the table even though nobody has seen the job. Could that be another media help?

Stay with us next week for a couple of news from Biafra Land and Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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