Amnesty Int. report on killing of Biafrans


By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 28, 2016

As the video uploaded by Amnesty International that had gone viral stopped rolling with a bold phrase ‘TAKE ACTION’ tears trickled down from my eyes; I remembered the video, I have watched the full clip, I was taken back to the memory.

Amnesty International has continued to make endless reports and bringing to the knowledge of the world what is going on in Nigeria where Human Rights had been fed to the dogs. Report after report keeps receiving inaction after inaction; a move that is detrimental to the existence of humanity. Just like designation of Boko Haram a terrorist group was a war; the will to take action to curb Nigeria is another war on its own. However, this prompted Amnesty International to openly make an appeal to humanity to take action because without mincing words, there is genocide going on in Biafra. The latest report by the Institution that followed up clip of evidence is immense and opportunity to nail inaction.

Amnesty International never had it this much, with sufficient evidence of whole lots of 87 videos, over 100 pictures and over 200 eye witnesses. This as believed come to a point Nigerian government ought to give up and address the crime against humanity that is prevalent in Nigeria. Hence with such brimming evidences Nigerian government is still averse to action; it was a good time or opportunity to call upon humanity to take action. Anywhere this action comes from is welcomed, be it rebellion, legal means and diplomatic means, the bottom line is there is now a call for action which is believed to be overdue.

The clip targeted strategic scenes with heartfelt commentaries; rolling like one of those 18th Century films when human life is not regarded. The message was clear; a people is being killed, a video devoid of sentiment, a huge evidence and a call for action. One would love to watch the full clip; but it could have a devastating effect, the tears and the bloodshed, the struggle to survive, the passion in killing innocent souls. Evil has taken over Nigerian forces; I watched them spontaneously take away lives they cannot create. When Amnesty concluded their commentary with TAKE ACTION, it was their own devastating effect, they long for action and only if they have the power to stop Nigerian government; within a twinkle of an eye, Nigeria is treated to their evil.

The phrase ‘Take Action’ is an instigating one; Amnesty international did not make it a definite article or address; it was freely said with emotion and passion to save humanity. This could be detrimental if the relevant bodies that ought to take action fail to do so. The decision to demand for action was as a result of the unrepentant and unapologetic nature of Nigeria government who instead of think twice freely defend their actions and angling to do more. Of course action is desperately needed to stop Nigerian government or humanity will be totally wiped out. This is clearly leading to a worst 1967 genocide; where millions of Biafrans lost their lives.

The video uploaded with commentaries and urged for action is overdue; the ‘Take Action’ phrase will be ringing on the mind of every Biafran. Nobody knows what the ‘Take Action’ position will result to. Biafrans have relatively remained peaceful and lawful; confidently waiting for the law to do justice even though it is not forthcoming. With the free ‘Take Action’ phrase; it appears more like everybody is being solicited to take action. The ‘take action’ is an appeal to humanity and not a definite authority and this could be decisive.

Nigeria being unapologetic means they will continue to kill; the scene caught on record likely a tip of an iceberg; this fuels the need to urge for action or humanity will suffer death. On the contrary; action might spring from anywhere possible if the right authorities delay; it is wise to entirely conclude that delay could now be dangerous. If justice is delayed; jungle justice might be the resultant effect, jungle justice in this situation is nothing but civil war which will be devastating for Europe and the world. Nigeria needs not another civil war because it would add to the already bothering refugee crisis and pose threat to the peace in Africa because it is a strategic country in African continent.

This push by Amnesty is as a result of the failings of the Government to address core issues bothering on human right in Nigeria. Nigeria is a failed State where everything, even those things that hold core values to existence of life had failed. This appeal is overdue owing to the fact that numerous reports made so far by Amnesty International and other Human Right Groups that needed investigation and possible probing had failed. Nigeria in one way or another had declined to look into those reports or take action to curbing excesses or regime atrocities.

The trial of Nnamdi Kanu which has the tendency of putting an end to this lingering crime against humanity has been dubbed by corruption. With Muhammed Buhari pressuring trial Judges to his will which kills justice and ordering the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, an action that have done more harm than good to the Nigerian State. It is imperative to know that the beginning of action to ending this crime against humanity on Biafrans have been subjected to starts with releasing Nnamdi Kanu.

Finally, I urge that action from the right angle be taken to address Biafra question; continued incarceration, arbitrary arrest, execution and all forms of crimes against humanity wrongly being used to cast fear into Biafrans to prevaricate will only result to another civil war. I therefore join Amnesty International to urge for action from the right authorities.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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