Some of scenes of killing dumps as Nigerian soldiers continue to kill Biafrans as reported by Amnesty Int.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 28, 2016

A source within Amnesty International who confided in this reporter has solely disclosed what transpired between Amnesty International and Nigerian government and gave clue of why after the Institution wrote to the Nigerian relevant bodies; they failed to reply but instead chose to talk. This reporter who established contact with the Institution during the course of their investigation went further and beyond. Speaking to him; the source gave a detailed report.

“It came like a tsunami and before they could look back to take cover; it has swept them away, the report by Amnesty International is already generating heat, the world is shocked and truth is conquering lies. It was quite unexpected that such damning report will be made; they all thought everything has been swept under the carpet but instead, everything is yet to start” the source confidently or rather victoriously said.

Three days ago; Amnesty International made a report that much more than 150 Biafran activists have been murdered by the Nigerian military under the command of Buhari. They clearly noted that the activists have been entirely peaceful in their conduct. Saying that the killings so far is a deliberate one and highly uncalled for as the activists pose no form of threat.

“They tried so much to lobby; kept calling and passing passages to the Institution that they would do something about the report, but Amnesty International is too big to be compromised or taken for a ride. They know what it means for Amnesty to make their investigation public; what is before Amnesty can penetrate and melt even a heart of stone. The hatred is so much and the provocation is immense; humanity is in the verge of total annihilation. They were shameless; they messed up to have tried to lobby”

Amnesty International is a world leading Human Right Institution known for its forensic research or investigation. I have practically seen the Human Right Institution in action; when Onitsha Biafran Heroes day massacre was being investigated by the group. Dressed so tattered was an Amnesty Staff; he had spent one week going from one place to another, hospitals, scenes event occurred and mortuaries. Enduring the stench of unattained corpses and suffering significantly to make sure investigation was done accurately. He has been here for one week; it has not been easy, he plans to spend one more week to cover up everything, the Staff told me when I enquired of Amnesty International’s presence.

“It is shameful to Nigerian government that Amnesty International will investigate a crime and come out with their investigation only for Nigeria to try to blackmail the Institution. This is coming when the Institution have 87 well documented videos, pictures and eyewitnesses. Amnesty International is the hope of mankind when crime against humanity is threatening human existence. The Institution has the sole responsibility to bring to the consent of the world what is happening to mankind. The group ensures the total respect of human rights without boundaries; the Institution works for humanity and one wonders why Nigeria should stand against humanity” the source wondered.

Three days ago; the whole investigation was corroborated and as was reported, the group sent the investigation to Nigerian government for assessment and reaction. In what could be best described, that Nigerian government was dumbfounded at the chilling investigation, they couldn't reply, deny or make assurances. This prompted Amnesty International to go on and publicize her investigation; Nigerian government swiftly denied the report and accused Amnesty International of planning to destroy the image of Nigerian military.

“Nigeria is corrupt and her military is no exception; blackmailing this respectable and reputable Institution is unacceptable, it shows the extremism of the Nigerian government to terminate anything that stands on her way to annihilate humanity in this part of the world. They suddenly talked but refused to talk since they were written to; instead of address Amnesty, they chose to seek favor. Favor failed and blackmail became an option. With the evidence in possession and Nigeria yet blackmail persons, it can be said that Nigeria has a lot to do regarding human right” the source continued.

Nigerian government promised last six months to investigate the killing of Biafran activists but suddenly dropped or did not follow up the investigation. The inconsistence can be attributed to the fact that they are unwilling to caution or stop the killing of peaceful Biafran activists. It is quite misunderstanding that after admitting to killing and to investigate; the government is coming back again to deny the killing.

“The world must stand and take action; Nigerian government is not showing any willingness to investigate or bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to book, a move that can put an end to subsequent acts. Instead of take a position that would show remorse; they have tried to justify their action which means humanity needs attention in Nigeria” the source said.

To shun Nigerian government; Amnesty International has started publicizing the videos and pictures in their possession. It is believed that with too many evidences in possession, Nigerian government would rather apologize very soon and drop denial but start actions to arrest the genocide going on in Biafra.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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