By Richard Izuchukwu Oragwuncha
November 27, 2016

The Nigerian Federal government is at it again. A total denial of her most recent atrocities is another sacrilegious act against humanity. One thing is to commit an offence and another offence is a total denial of such an evil act. It is obvious that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) had faced, and are hitherto facing a genocidal attack by the Nigerian security forces even as the investigations carried out by Amnesty International has proven its factuality.

The continued massacre of IPOB members since 2015 up until now has been a trending abomination that has been recently committed in Africa in this modern age of democracy.  It was quite a perfect practice as observed by the Nigerian state that a total decimation of their so acclaimed citizens (Biafrans) that were forced back into the Nigerian state after an oppressive three years genocidal war can continue.

But if these unjust killings of the Biafran peaceful and armless agitators were justified why the denials? In an institution where its proceedings are being carried out as supposed, irrespective of its aftermath, such an institution will always stand by her actions and defend it judicially and otherwise. The Nigerian security forces, since after the hideous report of the massacre in Biafra land recently released by Amnesty International had not stopped denying hilariously the actions they carried out against the innocent citizens of Biafra.

It is obvious that since after the Nigerian independence, the Biafran people had been mapped out as one group to be wiped off the surface of the earth after Israel; but to what end. The first attempt by the British-Nigerian government couldn’t fulfill such an evil task why will one think it is easier now when the Biafrans younger generations are better knowledgeable on how to survive such pace of horror intellectually and otherwise. The worst mistake that the Nigerian state ever made in the first instance was a total neglect of the capability of the today’s Biafrans; more resolute and formidable at all time.

The worst is yet to come if the Nigerian Federal Government remains unyielding to the fact that Biafrans are not slaves. It will serve her a better chance of survival if only she accepts the newly released report about the atrocities she recently committed against the Biafrans and as a matter of urgency, allow for justice to thrive, release the leader of the group Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and allow Biafra free from Nigeria. The era of modern day slavery is over.

Biafrans are free people and as a matter of fact be allowed to exercise such. But if she insists and is ready to die fighting so as to continue subjugating the Biafrans and stealing from her land, karma is ceaselessly knocking at the door as it may mean an anguish for Nigeria before it will certainly allow Biafra free. The blood of Biafrans can never continue being the water with which the evil garden (Nigeria) will be watered so that her oppressive indigenes and her collaborators will continue enjoying the natural resources with which God blessed the land of Biafra. Greeting to Amnesty International as they have just proven that there are still such transparent group existing on earth.



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